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Nice Sourcing Clothing Companies pictures

Check out these sourcing clothes companies photos:

Peugeot Quadrilette (1920)

Image by . SantiMB .
Sitges, Garraf, Barcelona (Spain).

49 International Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally

The international Rally of vintage cars of Barcelona-Sitges, organized by Fomento de Turismo de Sitges uninterruptedly from year 1958, is sponsored at the present time by Audi and permits to see pieces of authentic museum in operation (prior to 1924) and with its passengers dressed in the clothing of the years in which the automobile was designed.

With the passage of the years the occasion has been rooting and at the moment it is deemed as one of most classic at European level. According to the organizing sources it would be the second far more critical encounter of vintage automobiles in Europe behind a classic one like London-Brighton.

Though the Peugeot factory had been in the manufacturing organization for some time, their entry into the globe of wheeled vehicles was by implies of the bicycle. Armand Peugeot introduced the Peugeot &quotLe Grand Bi&quot penny-farthing in 1882 and a variety of bicycles. Peugeot bicycles have been constructed till very not too long ago, although the car organization and bike firm parted approaches in 1926.

Armand Peugeot became quite interested in the automobile early on, and after meeting with Gottlieb Daimler and other individuals was convinced of its viability. The very first Peugeot automobile (a 3-wheeled steam-powered vehicle) was produced in 1889, in collaboration with Léon Serpollet. Steam power was heavy and bulky and essential lengthy preparation before running, so it was soon abandoned in favour of the petrol-fueled internal combustion engine.

1890 saw the 1st such car, powered by a Daimler engine and with four wheels.

Further vehicles followed, twenty-nine becoming constructed in 1892. These early models had been given Variety numbers with the Variety 12, for example, dating from 1895. Peugeot became the 1st manufacturer to match rubber tires to a petrol-powered vehicle that year (strong tires pneumatic would stick to in 1895). The autos were nevertheless really considerably horseless carriages in look and had been steered by tiller.

1896 saw the 1st Peugeot engines built and fitted to the Sort 15 no longer had been they reliant on Daimler. Additional improvements followed: the engine moved to the front on the Sort 48 and was quickly beneath a hood (bonnet) at the front of the car, as an alternative of hidden underneath the steering wheel was adopted on the Kind 36 and they started to appear much more like the contemporary car.

In 1896 Armand Peugeot broke away from the loved ones firm of Les Fils de Peugeot Frères and formed his own business, Société Anonyme des Automobiles Peugeot and constructed a new factory at Audincourt.

Peugeot added a motorcycle to its range in 1903, and motorcycles have been built beneath the Peugeot name ever given that.

By that year, Peugeot produced half of the automobiles constructed in France. 1916 and 1919 saw repeat wins at Indianapolis.

In the course of the very first Planet War Peugeot turned largely to arms production, becoming a key manufacturer of arms and military autos, from bicycles to tanks and shells. Postwar, vehicle production resumed in earnest the vehicle was becoming no longer just a plaything for the wealthy but accessible to several. 1926, nevertheless, saw the cycle (pedal and motor) organization separate to type Cycles Peugeot — the consistently lucrative cycle division seeking to totally free itself from the rather much more boom-and-bust auto business.


Good Manufacturing In China pictures

Some cool manufacturing in china photos:

Industrial Darwinism

Image by kevin dooley
About half of all companies fail in 5 years, and 70% soon after ten years. Their facilities nevertheless stand for long following, reminding us of our industrial history. From here:

A organization that has known as Benton Harbor house for a lot more than 70 years has announced it really is closing down. From automotive ashtrays to vehicle spoilers, and even hospital equipment, Modern day Plastics molded it and created it all.

But with growing financial pressures, the plastics manufacturer has melted down. About 100 staff received news Monday that, come Tuesday, they are not needed.

Oil rates are a significant element, since all plastics are petroleum primarily based. Vice President Robert Orlaske says their purchasers weren’t willing or capable to match the bottom line.

“We had to pass on price increases to our customers, and a lot of them wouldn’t take it, so they shopped other places for moving their perform. And a lot of them have chosen to go to China or Mexico exactly where the labor is a lot less costly,” Orlaske tells NewsCenter 16.

The company says they’ll do all they can for the people who’ve labored for them. They’ll hold meetings with their employees this week to assist them find new jobs and get them job education.

Organization leaders are in negotiations to sell the Coloma plant. If the sale goes through, it really is likely that most if not all of the present personnel at that plant will keep their jobs.

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim with Kodak EBX one hundred Elitechrome XPRO.

china ceramics – blue dragons

Image by Xuan Che
Palace Museum, Beijing.

Blue and white covered jar with cloud and dragon, marked with the word &quotLongevity&quot
Jiajing period, Ming Dynasty, 1522-1566

The Palace Museum holds 340,000 pieces of ceramics and porcelain, like the imperial collections from the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty, as well as pieces commissioned by the Palace, and, sometimes by the Emperor personally, thus represents the very best of porcelain production in China. The ceramic collection of the Palace Museum represents a complete record of Chinese ceramic production over the previous 8,000 years, as effectively as 1 of the biggest such collections in the planet.

The Ming dynasty saw an extraordinary period of innovation in ceramic manufacture. Kilns investigated new tactics in design and style and shapes, showing a predilection for color and painted style, and an openness to foreign forms. The Yongle Emperor (1402-24) was specifically curious about other nations (as evidenced by his assistance of the eunuch Zheng He’s extended exploration of the Indian Ocean), and enjoyed uncommon shapes, many inspired by Islamic metalwork, (see for instance two vessels from the Asian Art Museum, a Buddhist Ablution Basin, and Handled Ewer). For the duration of the Xuande reign (1425–35), a technical refinement was introduced in the preparation of the cobalt utilized for underglaze blue decoration. Prior to this the cobalt had been brilliant in color, but with a tendency to bleed in firing by adding a manganese the color was duller, but the line crisper. Xuande porcelain is now considered among the finest of all Ming output. Enameled decoration (such as the a single at left) was perfected under the Chenghua Emperor (1464-1487), and significantly prized by later collectors. Indeed by the late sixteenth century, Chenghua and Xuande era functions had grown so a lot in popularity, that their costs practically matched genuine antique wares of Song or even older. This esteem for comparatively recent ceramics excited a lot scorn on the portion of literati scholars (such as Wen Zhenheng, Tu Long, and Gao Lian, who is cited beneath) these guys fancied themselves arbiters of taste and found the painted aesthetic ‘vulgar.’

In addition to these decorative innovations, the late Ming period underwent a dramatic shift towards a marketplace economy, exporting porcelain about the globe on an unprecedented scale. As a result aside from supplying porcelain for domestic use, the kilns at Jingdezhen became the main production centre for big-scale porcelain exports to Europe starting with the reign of the Wanli Emperor (1572-1620). By this time china clay (kaolin) and porcelain stone (known as ‘pottery stone’ above) had been mixed in about equal proportions. China clay created wares of excellent strength when added to the paste it also enhanced the whiteness of the physique – a trait that became a significantly sought soon after house, especially when kind blue-and-white wares grew in popularity. Porcelain stone could be fired at a reduce temperature (1250°C) than paste mixed with china clay, which necessary 1350°C. These sorts of variations had been important to preserve in mind since the huge southern egg-shaped kiln varied greatly in temperature. Near the firebox it was hottest near the chimney, at the opposite finish of the kiln, it was cooler.

For far more, see wikipedia.

Cool Product Improvement And Sourcing pictures

A handful of nice product development and sourcing photos I discovered:

Sculpture: Deadly Sins (Snowglobes): Greed, Pure Merchandise USA, by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, Eyebeam Open Studios Fall 2009 / 20091023.10D.55558.P1.L1.SQ / SML

Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
See also video interview with the artist (Flickr HD video).

Deadly Sins

A new collectible, slated to set the mark as an icon for the 22nd Century – collect all Seven Deadly Sins. Due out by December in an exclusive restricted edition set.

Pure Items USA | Ligorano/Reese Collaboration in Art

Towards a Surreal Politik…

In 1992, we began Pure Items of America as a series of multiple editions focusing on the influence of marketing and advertising on politics. Over the previous 17 years, the series has expanded and now consists of 14 pieces running the gamut from snow globes to underwear (our underwear was the first to pack a political message), to happy meals.

Every object is signed and numbered in numerous sized editions. When we introduce Pure Items, we send some of them as gifts to government officials. Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton, members of the Supreme Court and different Senators and Congressional representatives have all received a pure item at one time or one more.

Pure Merchandise also function as discreet elements in installations. The installations The Bible Belt, Pillars of the Clean Order, and Steel Nipples incorporated them in sculptural settings with video and other media. In 2001, we expanded on this thought with the inauguration of an on the internet retail site as element of the project.

Every piece is grounded within a framework that satirizes political values and, usually, lampoons morality. Some pure goods, like Line Up and Contract with America underwear, became media sensations, reported in the press, on tv and radio. The commentary surrounding the artwork is a mixture of absurdity and culture jamming, amplifying how a lot the media interprets and misinterprets contemporary art and blurs the connections among art, activism and commerce.



NORA LIGORANO and MARSHALL REESE have collaborated with each other as Ligorano/Reese given that the early 80’s. They use collaboration to blend diverse talents into a singular voice and vision. In the method of generating their function, their individual contributions cross and criss-cross amongst every single other from brainstorming to realizing and producing the art on location or in the studio.

They use unusual components and industrial processes to make their limited edition multiples, videos, sculptures and installations, moving easily from dish towels, underwear, and snow globes, to electronic art and personal computer controlled interactive installations.

They take and manipulate images, audio and text from old media: print, television, radio and combine that with the new: internet and mobile telecommunications. Their pursuit is an ongoing investigation into the impact of technology on culture and the associations and meanings that the media brings to photos, language and speech in politics.

They have an interest with utilizing open types to involve community interaction, like their drawing contests, Crater Bay Location for the 01 Festival in San Jose and Crater New York at Location1. Installations that combine sculpture with public participation in drawing, inside the context of a contest that is also streamed on the world wide web and in Second Life. Their ice sculptures, “Main Street Meltdown” and “The State of Things” share that identical sense of open possibility, fusing organic processes of erosion and decay as versatile durations and markers to decide the encounter of the function.

Many of their sculptures and installations reinterpret and reexamine older types of technologies – using objects that signify truth, authority and manifest cultural historicity. Ligorano/Reese use mirrors, clocks, metronomes and medieval codex bindings and combine them with video screens. They have invented micro-projection systems to display films on the head of a pin or the counterweight of a metronome.

Because 2004, they’ve investigated portraiture as a construct of social representation. Line Up (2004-5), their series of portraits of Bush administration officials in mug shot, acknowledges that the mug shot is the preeminent form of portraiture now that a lot more folks are incarcerated in the U.S. than any other country in the planet. In December, 2007, the exhibition of these images at the New York Public Library triggered a firestorm of controversy with heavy rotation on FoxNews, DrudgeReport’s homepage and numerous, several other publications.

In 2001, they launched www.pureproductsusa.com, the on the internet retail site for their infamous political art series the Pure Items of America. Considering that 1992, Ligorano/Reese have produced 11 multiples in signed editions of three to 100. They are very best promoting editions at Printed Matter, artbook@ps1 and the New Museum retailer and have prompted, at least on 1 occasion, the RNC to threaten them with copyright infringement.

For more details see “The Joy of Collaborating: recipes for time-based art.


Eyebeam Open Studios: Fall 2009


Eyebeam is pleased to host Open Studios for its 2009 Senior Fellows, Resident Artists, and Student Residents at Eyebeam’s state-of-the-art design and style, research, and fabrication studio showcasing video performance, wearable technologies, code and humor, celebration technologies, and sustainablity style.


Eyebeam is the top not-for-profit art and technology center in the United States.

Founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1997, Eyebeam was conceived as a non-profit art and technologies center dedicated to exposing broad and diverse audiences to new technologies and media arts, even though simultaneously establishing and demonstrating new media as a significant genre of cultural production.

Given that then, Eyebeam has supported a lot more than 130 fellowships and residencies for artists and creative technologists we’ve run an active education program for youth, artists’ professional improvement and neighborhood outreach and have mounted an extensive series of public applications, over recent years about 4 exhibitions and 40 workshops, performances and events annually.

Right now, Eyebeam provides residencies and fellowships for artists and technologists working in a wide variety of media. At any provided time, there are up to 20 resident artists and fellows onsite at Eyebeam’s 15,000-square foot Chelsea offices and Labs, building new projects and creating function for open dissemination by means of online, mostly open-supply, publication as properly as a robust calendar of public programming that includes totally free exhibitions, lectures and panels, participatory workshops, live performances and educational series.


Good Exporters In China pictures

A handful of good exporters in china images I identified:

rubber plantation

Image by tobym
Thailand has grow to be the biggest natural rubber producer and exporter in the planet.

The major export markets for Thai rubber are Japan, the USA, China, Malaysia and South Korea. Rubber plantations in Thailand are dominated by small, family-owned organizations.

Certainly huge on black!

cotton pickin’

Image by Leonard John Matthews
Whe picked the cotton for your dress or shirt.

Uzbekistan is the world’s third biggest exporter of cotton. It uses forced labour of college youngsters to harvest cotton. Kids as young as 9 are sent out to pick cotton.

There are no days off, no weekends. Injuries and illness are typical spot, with youngsters usually possessing to drink water from canals and ditches in the cotton fields. Kids sustain injuries whilst being transported to the fields in unsafe tractor pulled carts.

Considerably of this cotton is exported to China exactly where it is turned into cotton goods and exported to countries like Australia.

Perhaps ending up in your favourite brand.

photographed on 15 November 2010 – day 319 of 365.