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Human Body

Image by RichDelux
Bodies The Exhibition is a controversial exhibition showcasing preserved human bodies dissected to show bodily systems. That’s a genuine human body in the picture.

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You may be convinced that BODIES…the Exhibition is immoral, unethical and surrounded by murky concerns. But some men and women may be hard to persuade. Beneath is a list of incorrect / misleading / worrisome statements that you may hear, followed by explanations of the truth concerning these topics.
Incorrect data: All of the people in the exhibit gave their consent and/or donated their bodies to science.

The truth: None of the people in BODIES…the Exhibition gave their consent to be exhibited or plastinated. None of them donated their bodies to ‘medicine’ or to ‘science’.

Most individuals do not recognize that there are many different plastinated corpse exhibits traveling about the globe. Even though each presents bodies in a similar way, the source of the bodies for every exhibit is not the exact same.

Gunther von Hagens (BODYWORLDS’ creator) states that all of the people displayed in the BODYWORLDS exhibits gave consent to be plastinated and exhibited. Nevertheless, prime Management members at Premier Exhibitions Inc. (promoter of BODIES…the Exhibition) admit up-front that NONE of the men and women in BODIES…the Exhibition gave consent to be plastinated or exhibited – this would be an impossibility simply because the corpses have been unidentified and unclaimed and had been acquired by the plastination plant from the Chinese police.

For reputable sources regarding this subject, see The Provenance of BODIES’ Corpses and the Feasible Connections with the Falun Gong section on The Concerns page of this website.


Incorrect details: All of the specimens in the Exhibition have been obtained by Premier Exhibitions by way of the Dalian Medical University plastination laboratories in the People’s Republic of China.

The truth: All of the specimens are controlled or leased by Dalian Hoffen Bio Technique Organization Restricted.

According to Premier’s 2006 annual report,

&quotTHIS EXHIBITION TOUR AGREEMENT is entered into as of the 24th day of January, 2006 by and between Premier Exhibitions 2005-ATL, Inc. (a corporation organized below the laws of the State of Nevada and obtaining its principal location of business at 3340 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30326 (“PREMIER”), and Dr. Hong-Jin Sui (“Dr. Sui”), a designer and supplier of all specimens referred to herein, and Dr. Shuyan Wang President of Dalian Hoffen Bio Strategy Company Limited collectively referred to as (“DHBTL”) obtaining a spot of company in Dalian, China.&quot

To read the full agreement, see: www.secinfo.com/dsvr4.v71s.d.htm


Misleading Data: The identity of each and every human physique displayed in the exhibition is strictly confidential.

The Truth: In reality, the bodies displayed in the exhibition are unidentified.

The term ‘confidential’ implies that somebody knows the identities of the bodies. Premier Exhibitions, Inc. has regularly stated up-front that all of the bodies displayed in the exhibition have been unidentified and unclaimed. Premier is renting the cadavers and organs from China’s Dalian Health-related University, which acquired the unidentified, unclaimed corpses from police.

This fact is especially troubling due to the fact in China, folks who practice Falun Gong (a spiritual practice that is banned by the government) frequently refuse to reveal their names when arrested, in order to protect their households. As a result, there is a large prison population of unidentified folks, who stay ‘unidentified’ soon after death.

For trustworthy sources on this subject, see The Kilgour-Matas Reports and The Provenance of Bodies’ Corpses sections on The Concerns web page of this website.


Incorrect info: It is regular practice all through the United States for unclaimed and unidentified bodies to be used by health-related schools for educational purposes.

The truth: The majority of bodies used by health-related schools come from consenting donors.

The use of unidentified bodies in U.S. medical college anatomy labs is not regulated at the Federal level. Therefore, there are handful of national statistics available with respect to this subject. However, a 2004 report in JAMA (the Journal of the American Healthcare Association), states that only 20% of US and Canadian medical schools still used unclaimed bodies in their anatomy laboratories.
Some states have laws which require all unidentified / unclaimed corpses to be buried.

For reputable sources relating to this topic, see The Legality of Plastinated-Corpse Exhibits section on The Issues page of this site.


Worrisome Statement: Sworn affidavits, taken in the United States, have been supplied declaring the legal and moral acquisition of the specimens inside BODIES…The Exhibition. Affidavits have been offered by both Dr. Roy Glover, Chief Healthcare Advisor for BODIES…The Exhibition and Dr. Hong Jin Sui, professor of anatomy and President of Dalian Medical University Plastination Co. LTD.

The Truth: There has been no independent investigation regarding the provenance of the corpses in BODIES…the Exhibition. The affidavits that Premier presents as assurances with respect to the corpses’ origins are offered by the following two males:
Roy Glover – Roy Glover is not a healthcare medical professional despite the fact that, in this context, he is virtually always referred to as &quotDr. Roy Glover, Chief Medical Advisor.&quot Glover holds a Ph.D. in Anatomy and is at the moment functioning as the Spokesman for the BODIES exhibit. He states that &quotthe head of the lab at Dalian [Sui Hong Jin] is a longtime, trusted friend.&quot
Sui Hong Jin – Sui Hong Jin is a former enterprise associate of Gunther von Hagens, the inventor of the plastination method and the creator of the BODYWORLDS exhibits. Sui has faced allegations in the past of delivering von Hagens with prisoners’ corpses. He is at present the President of Dalian Healthcare University Plastination Co. LTD. which is supplying the plastinated corpses to Premier for their exhibits.
For respected sources on this topic, see The Corpse Supplier and The Provenance of BODIES’ Corpses sections on The Problems page of this website.


Misleading information: The human bodies are being used appropriately, in accordance with domestic and international law.

The truth: There are practically no international, U.S. federal or state laws regulating this variety of exhibit.

Even exactly where there are relevant laws, it is not clear that they are getting followed. In Tampa FL, Premier Exhibitions, Inc. and the Museum of Science and Sector disregarded the rulings of the state Anatomical Board and the state Attorney General that would have prevented the exhibit from opening, and opened the exhibit two days early, ahead of the ruling could be enforced.

If ‘domestic law’ refers to Chinese domestic law, note that the term ‘law’ in China has a quite different connotation than it does in the U.S. Also note that BODIES has been touring because 2005. Till July of 2006, promoting organs was legal in China. Organ transplantation is an incredibly lucrative sector in China. Those who are profiting the most by means of the organ-trafficking trade are frequently straight connected to the Chinese government / military. Selling organs was deemed illegal specifically to placate the International Olympic Committee – China will be hosting the Olympics in 2008 – but the new regulations are not enforced.

For respected sources regarding this topic, see The Legality of Plastinated-Corpse Exhibits and The Kilgour-Matas Reports sections on The Concerns web page of this website.


Misleading Statement: None of the men and women displayed in the exhibit had been killed specifically to be displayed in the exhibit.

The truth: This is not a ‘fact’ in the scientific sense – it may possibly be true, but there is no proof that it is accurate. Once more, no one particular truly knows where the bodies in the exhibit come from. Staff members at a Falun Gong detention center in the very same Chinese province as Dalian Medical University have admitted to ‘supplying’ organs for transplantation. (These organs were removed from reside Falun Gong prisoners). It is not fully unbelievable that they may well also provide them for exhibit purposes.

For reliable sources on this subject, see The Kilgour-Matas Reports and The Provenance of BODIES’ Corpses sections on The Issues web page of this web site.


Misleading Statement: &quotEducational tools that can teach young children.&quot – New York Times (source: Carnegie Science Center advertisement) Note: As of the finish of November, this quote was removed from the ad.

The truth: This quote suggests that the NY Occasions endorses the exhibit, even so the quote is taken out of context.

The statement above is taken from the 11/18/05 NY Times report, &quotCadaver Exhibition Raises Queries Beyond Taste&quot articles.news.aol.com/news/_a/cadaver-exhibition-raises-q…
Andrew Jacobs, the author of the write-up, is very crucial of BODIES…the Exhibition, discussing the Chinese government’s history of &quotrecycling the organs of executed prisoners&quot and Dalian University’s history of supplying questionably-obtained corpses to other exhibits. The quote utilised in the advertisement comes from the following sentence: &quotPlaying down the sensationalism, Premier executives use the word ‘specimen’ to describe the exhibits and emphasize their value as educational tools that can teach children about human physiology and assist adults discover how to lead healthier lives.&quot

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Image from page five of “The international relations of the Chinese empire” (1900)

Some cool china distributors pictures:

Image from web page 5 of “The international relations of the Chinese empire” (1900)

Image by Net Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: internationalrel03mors
Title: The international relations of the Chinese empire
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Morse, Hosea Ballou, 1855-1934
Subjects: Opium trade China — Foreign relations China — Politics and government China — History
Publisher: New York : Paragon Book Gallery

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Text Appearing Prior to Image:

Text Appearing Right after Image:
Li Huncj-ciianu j.n l.S!)(i THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF THE CHINESE EMPIRE BY HosEA Ballou Morse, ll.d. AUTHOR OF the TR . DE AND ADMINISTRATION OF CHINA THE GILDS OF CHINA, KTC. VOLUME III THE PERIOD OF SUBJECTION 1894-1911 WITH ILLUSTRATIONS, DIAGRAMS, AND MAPS Sole distributors in the USAPARAGON BOOK GALLERY Booksellers and Publishers NEW YORK • NY • USA /&gt 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER I KOREA, CHINA AND JAPAN 1. Korea tributary to China 2. French expedition to Korea, 1866 . 3. Visits of American war-ships, 1867-68 4. Piratical raid to Korea, 1868 . five. American diplomatic mission proposed 6. Gemnan and Russian attempts, 1869 7. China disclaims duty for Korea, 1871 . eight. Hostile reception of American mission, May 31, 1871 9. Korean forts silenced mission failed June-July . 10. First treaty in between China and Japan, Sept. 13, 1871 11. Treaty in between Japan and Korea, Feb. 26, 1876 12. Korean treaties with Western powers, 1882-86 13. Anti-foreignriotatSeoul, July 2internationalrel03mors

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned web page images that might have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and look of these illustrations may possibly not perfectly resemble the original function.

US Wine Promotion in Hangzhou

Image by USDA China
A participating distributor’s selection of American wines.

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Anti-dumping investigation regarding imports of USB Flash Drives from China
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Nutritive tomato seed oil from China newly obtainable from All-natural Sourcing

Nutritive tomato seed oil from China newly accessible from All-natural Sourcing
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Lastest Importing From China To Uk News

North American P-51D Mustang

Image by Alex Layzell
History: A single of the most efficient, popular and lovely fighter aircraft of WWII, the P-51 was made to fulfill a British requirement dated April 1940. Since of the rapidly-mounting clouds of war in Europe, the UK asked North American Aircraft to style and create a new fighter in only 120 days. The NA-73X prototype was produced in record time, but did not fly until 26 October 1940. The initial RAF production models, designated Mustang Mk Is, underwent rigorous testing and evaluation, and it was found that the 1,one hundred-hp Allison engine was effectively suited for low-altitude tactical reconnaissance, but the engine’s power decreased substantially above an altitude of 12,000 feet, making it a poor decision for air-to-air combat or interception roles. Simply because of this, the RAF left its eight machine guns intact, but also fitted the Mustang with cameras. In this configuration, it served in at least 23 RAF squadrons, starting in April 1942.

At the identical time, the US Army Air Corps ordered a tiny quantity for tactical reconnaissance evaluation as the F-6A. Following the RAF found the aircraft’s functionality lacking, they tested a new engine, the 12-cylinder Rolls-Royce Merlin. This gave considerably-enhanced efficiency, and led to the USAAF fitting two airframes with 1,430-hp Packard-constructed Merlin V-1650 engines. These aircraft were re-designated XP-51B. Practically overnight, the aircraft’s potential began to grow.

Since the RAF had had very good accomplishment with the Mustang in a ground attack function, the USAAF purchased 500 aircraft fitted with dive brakes and underwing weapons pylons. These have been initially designated the A-36A Apache, but later retained the name Mustang. Practically simultaneously, they ordered 310 P-51As with Allison engines. Some of these were delivered to the UK as Mustang Mk IIs, and some became F-6B reconnaissance aircraft for the USAAF.

The first Merlin-engine versions appeared in 1943 with the P-51B, of which 1,988 were built in Inglewood, California, and the P-51C, of which 1,750 have been built in Dallas, Texas. Both new versions had strengthened fuselages and 4 wing-mounted 12.7-mm machine guns. Numerous of these new Mustangs were delivered to the UK as Mustang Mk IIIs, and others went to the USAAF as F-6Cs. The Merlin-powered Mustangs had been specifically what the Allied bombers in Europe desperately needed, and they became renowned for their long range and potent high-altitude escort capability. The most substantial variant, the P-51D, featured a 360-degree-view bubble canopy, a modified rear fuselage, and six 12.77-mm machine guns. 7,956 had been constructed, and once once again, numerous went to the UK as Mustang Mk IVs and others became USAAF F-6D reconnaissance aircraft. Subsequent came the P-51K, which was normally equivalent. A third of these became RAF Mustang IVs also, and more than a hundred became F-6Ks. Really late in the war, the P-51H appeared, despite the fact that only 555 of 2000 were completed before V-J Day triggered the cancellation of the order. US production totaled 15,386, but at least 200 far more had been constructed by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation of Australia with imported components and designated Mustang Mk 20/21/22/23. None of these saw service before the end of the war. Beneath the Lend-Lease plan, 50 P-51s have been supplied to China, and 40 far more were supplied to the Netherlands in the Pacific theater.

Right after the war, the P-51 remained in US service with the Strategic Air Command till 1949, and with the Air National Guard and Reserves into the 1950s. It became 1 of the very first fighters to see combat in the Korean War. The RAF’s Fighter Command used them till 1946. In addition, over 50 air forces about the planet acquired and utilised the Mustang for many a lot more years, some as not too long ago as the early 1980s. When the US Air Force realigned their aircraft designations in the 1950s, the Mustang became the F-51.

In the last 40 years, surplus Mustangs have been modified and employed extensively as civilian air racers, but the newest trend is for private owners to restore them to practically ideal, historically-accurate condition. As public appreciation for the Mustang has grown, the monetary worth of the couple of remaining examples has skyrocketed. War-surplus P-51s, as soon as auctioned from storage for much less than (US) 00, are now typically valued at 3-quarters of a million dollars or a lot more. The restoration of existing airframes has become a small market in the US, UK and Australia, and the total quantity of flyable examples, in spite of one particular or two accidents every year, is expanding. Several Mustangs have been or are at the moment being restored as two-seat, dual-control TF-51s, a trend which promises to guarantee that today’s operators are much better-trained than any previous generation of Mustang pilots.

Nicknames: Fifty One ‘Stang Peter-Dash-Flash

Specifications (P-51D):
Engine: One 1,695-hp Packard Merlin V-1650-7 piston V-12 engine
Weight: Empty 7,125 lbs., Max Takeoff 12,100 lbs.
Wing Span: 37ft. .5in.
Length: 32ft. 9.5in.
Height: 13ft. 8in.
Maximum Speed: 437 mph
Ceiling: 41,900 ft.
Variety: 1300 miles
Armament: Six 12.7-mm (.five inch) wing-mounted machine guns, plus up to two 1,000-lb bombs or six 127-mm (5 inch) rockets.

Information from www.warbirdalley.com

NHS worker Hayley Hughes guilty of importing four-Mec designer drug into Liverpool
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Shocking pictures of dogs in China becoming skinned alive to make leather gloves
&#39Many British higher-street retailers are importing low cost leather from China, so merchandise made from dog skin are almost certainly on the shelves and in individuals&#39s wardrobes. In the video footage, guys can be observed beating dogs with a wooden pole just before …
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Zimbabwe&#39s Reported Plan to Export Child Elephants Raises Outcry Against
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Purchase Merchandise from China then Resale On eBay

Acquire Products from China then Resale On eBay

With the globalization and advances in international trade technologies, companies right now have turn into really global and practical. Thanks to the Net, sourcing possibilities have  been so abundant and varied. After viewed as the territory of multi-national firms and huge organizations, it is now achievable for even the smallest and most inexperienced eBay seller to look across the globe for the subsequent fantastic item idea.

Picking The Appropriate Item

The initial step to picking the proper item is to determine on regardless of whether to supply a common, off-the-shelf item or to customize a item and make it exclusively your personal. If you purchase normal items that are created continuously by several factories, all you need to have is to contact a handful of suppliers, get their best quotes and do a swift high quality verify on the product. If you strategy to buy customized items, nevertheless, ensure that your suppliers clearly recognize your specifications.

Locating A Dependable Supplier

Dealing with a serious and reliable supplier guarantees excellent high quality products and can aid deflect a lot of potential disputes. If attainable, go to China and check out possible manufacturers directly. Nevertheless, initial-hand scrutiny is typically not practical in such situations, publications and e-zines on the topic are good areas to start your sourcing research. There are also a quantity of sites exactly where you can locate suppliers.

When you are exploring sourcing opportunities, be positive the business you are evaluating truly exists. Get in touch with the possible supplier just before committing oneself to a written contract. A very good Web sourcing-portal will also contain speak to information such as names, numbers and e-mail addresses so you can easily get in touch with suppliers with queries and concerns.

After you are in make contact with with a prospective supplier, clearly state your needs with regard to product specifications and order terms. Make positive to ask in depth inquiries about the manufacturing method as effectively as quality manage. Inquire if the supplier is willing to offer solution samples so you can test them yourself. If not, attempt to place a modest order to verify the high quality and service.


When dealing with suppliers from China, the most frequent method of payment is the income transfer. In most situations, you will not be able to pay by credit card and it is advised that you keep away from web sites that only accept Funds Gram they are much more likely to be bogus.  Some organizations do accept PayPal for standard customers, that is quite protected for you and if they are dependable, you can also pay with Western Union.

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