Skyworth Hong Kong Electronics Fair official release issued new tablet

Skyworth Hong Kong Electronics Fair official release issued new tablet


2011 ,13 April to 16 April, 2011 Hong Kong Electronics Fair was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. For the industry’s leading exhibition organized by HKTDC occasion, an annual show at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair will present the most inventive and most front-end technologies items. 2011 is the Tablet Computer year, a lot of firms have issued force in the Tablet Computer as a giant residence appliance business, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair Skyworth also on display are the most current models of tablet PCs, the official blew the horn to enter the Tablet Pc industry.
Skyworth exhibition site exhibiting six tablet PCs, from entry level M3R to high-end consumer M6 and M8, attracted a lot of domestic and foreign clients focus. M8 Which is equipped with a 16:9 screen ratio of ten-inch HD attract a lot of consumer inquiries. But the most consideration, no doubt is M6 with a 1G Hz CPU, 512 DDR3 memory and Android two.three pre-installed.

Skyworth Tablet Computer as the existing flagship product, M6 is equipped with high-definition eight-inch multi-touch capacitive screen resolution up to 1024×768, is presently the highest resolution obtainable in the industry for eight-inch flat-panel computer screen, can supply a very good read and the game screen knowledge. With multi-touch screen capabilities, plus built-in gravity sensor, nevertheless hand, the image can adjust the rotation with you.

The only real explanation to get a tablet is if your job keeps you on your feet all the time and it is necessary to hold the device on one hand and utilizing the other to operate it. For most folks who simply want a tiny and light laptop that they can move from one desk, or bench, to one more, a netbook would possibly suffice.

M6 equipped with advanced 1G Hz CPU and 512M DDR2 memory and Android 2.3 pre-installed operating program, with intuitive and personalized interface with help for over 10,000 kinds of applications, either in the game, the everyday office business, or video can easily cope. 802.11.b/g/n wireless networks and also supports optional WCDMA / EVDO / TD-SCDMA common, anytime, anywhere access workplace entertainment. M6 also provide the maximum 32GB of TF card expansion, assistance for HDMI output.
Skyworth this with numerous new tablet shine in Hong Kong Electronics Fair, in addition to many large customers want to seek foreign cooperation, but also attracted senior leaders HKTDC and the Hong Kong Legislative Council members come to visit.


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