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In China, a Rapid Jump to Mobile Advertising
With the largest pool of smartphone customers in the planet, China has turn out to be a petri dish for marketers and technology companies alike to test ways to get consumers to purchase both on the web and off. Homegrown social media platforms in China are at the center of …
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Nine Guidelines for Powerful Online Content
In China, for example,. Johnson &amp Johnson locations content material on its Baby Center portal, a natural location for new mothers. L&#39Oréal Paris partnered with YouTube to produce Location Beauty, an online resource for teenage girls new to style and dating …
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Bond Kings, Bitcoin and China: Exchange-Traded Funds to Watch For in 2015
China&#39s economy could be slowing, but there&#39s a boom in ETFs focused on providing direct access to its domestic stock and bond market. … These products would perform just like standard mutual funds, where you purchase into the fund at the net asset worth at day&#39s end.
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