Lastest How To Import Goods From China News

Anti-dumping investigation regarding imports of USB Flash Drives from China
Post initiation, request was produced to the Directorate Basic of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&ampS) to supply transaction-smart specifics of imports of topic goods from China PR, Taiwan and Korea, RP for injury period, including the period …
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In regional financial pact, India faces a Chinese import threat
RCEP, unless negotiated with caution and keen focus to particulars, could outcome in entry of Chinese goods into the Indian marketplace, escaping import taxes. Several segments of the Indian manufacturing sector which are in the throes of acquiring …
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Anti-Dumping Investigation concerning import of Sheet Glass from China PR
1. Whereas, Bharat Glass Tube Restricted filed an application on behalf of the domestic sector, alleging dumping of Sheet Glass (hereinafter also referred to as the “subject goods”), originating in or exported from China PR (hereinafter also referred as …
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