I am not a buying agent

I am not a getting agent
The majority of my schoolmates from the Chinese mainland have been somehow forced to be unprofessional getting agents for their mainland friends and relatives. Friends who studied in other countries, such as the US and Britain, were also forced to get factors&nbsp…
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How and why purchasers from China are snatching up Bay Area houses
Purchasers from China are reluctant to talk about their purchases publicly, but genuine estate agents say they favor new or almost new residences or condos in very good college districts with excellent views (don&#39t we all). Overseas purchasers. “Maybe 20 percent of the deals …
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Online insurance coverage sales increasing among customers in China
A new LIMRA and Swiss Re study of insurance coverage customers in China reveals that numerous insurance coverage buyers like the individual touch of standard channels but recent trends recommend an improve in on the web sales. The report, The Chinese Insurance coverage Customer, looks …
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Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners
Washington is fearful of the rise of Russia and China, of the leadership demonstrated by Vladimir Putin, of the formation of new organizations independent of Washington, such as the BRICS. Whilst the George W. Bush regime was sidetracked by its “six …
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