Chinese Medicinal Tea and Chinese Craftsmanship

Chinese Medicinal Tea and Chinese Craftsmanship

Puzhen was founded in 1995 with an aim of generating a way of living that enables our thoughts to return to the realm of purity with different items like Chinese Black Tea, Jun Kiln Porcelain goods and Chinese Aromatherapy Diffusers.

The Puzhen Way of life combines both contemporary and modern day traditions which are complemented by conventional Chinese crafts, philosophy, culture and aesthetics. Our beliefs for a easy and higher top quality living environment utilizing ancient Chinese Craftsmanship with modern technologies are what our items are about.

What makes Puzhen item series special is the Chinese Classic craftsmanship. Puzhen’s artists use traditional Chinese craftsmanship, practices and tools to generate our handcrafted Chinese Aromatherapy Diffusers. We create the special pieces of Jun Kiln Porcelain.  Each of our artisans have much more than three years of encounter in the Chinese Craftsmanship and hence the final item has a lovely and best finish. We have various videos and slideshows on our website and YouTube which shows you how classic Chinese craftsmanship operates with modern day technology.

 Our Chinese Black Tea named Pu-er tea is the treasure of teas. For centuries, pu-er’s benefits have confirmed to be weight loss, strengthened immunity, decreased inflammation, lessened fatigue, and enhanced memory. Pu-er is the only “living” tea, continually fermenting and becoming smoother more than the years. The older it is, the much better tasting and far more pricey. Puzhen’s Chinese Black Tea i.e. pu-er tea is organically grown on tea trees in ancient arbors deep in the tropical mountains of Yunnan. Cultivated utilizing a conventional eleven-step approach, Puzhen’s tea is mild and subtle, smooth and complete-bodied. Slow down, retain the tea for a moment to taste its mellowness, roll the tongue to let it attain each element of the mouth, and savor the peaceful moment of harmony.

Puzhen Life is a well being &amp wellbeing brand with the highest-good quality Chinese aromatherapy diffusers, crucial oils, Chinese Black Tea pu-er, &amp Jun Kiln Porcelain. A way to preserve the traditional Chinese craftsmanship with the blend of modern tradition is what tends to make our merchandise unique, best and higher high quality.

Puzhen delivers Chinese Black Tea a beneficial medicinal tea for overall health and other craftsmanship items like Jun Kiln Porcelain, Chinese Aromatherapy Diffusers.

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