China&#39s Expanding Middle Class Fuels Poaching, Decadence in Myanmar

A globe showing Cutty Sark trade routes

Image by Dan Mumford

China&#39s Expanding Middle Class Fuels Poaching, Decadence in Myanmar
&quotThe price of poaching in Southeast Asia is unbelievable. It&#39s becoming vacuumed out,&quot says Chris Shepherd, Southeast Asia regional director of Targeted traffic, a group that monitors the worldwide trade in plants and wild animals. For the duration of the past couple of decades …
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China&#39s corruption crackdown requires toll on Macau&#39s U.S.-owned casinos
McClatchy was unable to obtain comment from Sands, the initial U.S. company to open a Macau casino and now the world&#39s largest gaming corporation. But at a trade show in Las Vegas in October, the 81-year-old Adelson said he wasn&#39t worried about Macau&#39s&nbsp…
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China October trade information shows indicators of manipulation, hot money inflows: state
&quotThe possibility of hot income inflows can not be excluded as Chinese mainland&#39s trade with the ASEAN nations, South Korea and Hong Kong grew rapidly in October, collectively with a jump in exports of valuable metals,&quot it stated. On Saturday, China said its&nbsp…
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