Good Exporters In China pictures

A handful of good exporters in china images I identified:

rubber plantation

Image by tobym
Thailand has grow to be the biggest natural rubber producer and exporter in the planet.

The major export markets for Thai rubber are Japan, the USA, China, Malaysia and South Korea. Rubber plantations in Thailand are dominated by small, family-owned organizations.

Certainly huge on black!

cotton pickin’

Image by Leonard John Matthews
Whe picked the cotton for your dress or shirt.

Uzbekistan is the world’s third biggest exporter of cotton. It uses forced labour of college youngsters to harvest cotton. Kids as young as 9 are sent out to pick cotton.

There are no days off, no weekends. Injuries and illness are typical spot, with youngsters usually possessing to drink water from canals and ditches in the cotton fields. Kids sustain injuries whilst being transported to the fields in unsafe tractor pulled carts.

Considerably of this cotton is exported to China exactly where it is turned into cotton goods and exported to countries like Australia.

Perhaps ending up in your favourite brand.

photographed on 15 November 2010 – day 319 of 365.


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