Cool Items From China images

Some cool products from china images:

China Cafe 中國冰室

Image by mischiru
China Cafe 中國冰室 – 1 of the handful of traditional cafes left in Hong Kong

Definitely one of the best kept secrets of Hong Kong! These cafes typically serve cold drinks, ice cream and some pastries. They have the ideal milk tea in town! :)

Hong Kong-style milk tea, typically known as dai-pai-dong milk tea, is a beverage originating from Hong Kong. It consists of black tea sweetened with evaporated milk, and is normally element of an afternoon meal in Hong Kong tea culture. Though it originates from Hong Kong, it is now also regularly identified outdoors of Hong Kong, like restaurants serving Hong Kong cuisine and Hong Kong-style western cuisine.

A pineapple bun is a sort of sweet pastry well-liked in Hong Kong, Macau, some other places in southern China, and in Chinese communities in North America. It is identified in Cantonese as bo lo baau, in which &quotbo lo&quot implies &quotpineapple&quot, and &quotbaau&quot refers to a kind of bun-like item in Chinese cuisine. It is generally discovered in Chinese bakeries, and is mentioned really regularly on Tv, radio and films in Hong Kong.

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Image by Ding Zhou
This Cosplay show was at the Beijing National Convention Center close to the Birds Nest (2008 Olympic Stadium) and Water Cube (Olympic Swimming/Diving). The Cosplay show occupied a enormous region with hundreds of booths selling costume-connected things. But there was a enormous open area with practically nothing but hundreds of young folks in costumes who have been there to be photographed. Most of the photographers didn’t really know what they have been undertaking, but they have been having a good time. So was I. Absolutely everyone was satisfied to have me take their images. No one particular stated no. This young woman was one particular of the couple of paid models at the show. She was at a display to lure potential buyers to look at their merchandise. She got m consideration. The background was filled with individuals so I shot wide open and blurred the background far more in post.


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