Cool Uncover Chinese Suppliers photos

Some cool uncover chinese suppliers photos:

A Undesirable Chinese Host

Image by GianCayetano
We’ve encountered this effectively-known &quotdaw sya&quot Chinese Wedding host and an on-line blogger about fashion and etc.. yelling on our crew about the place of the projector screen. Mr. Chinese Wedding Host yelled on our crew saying different sorts of discouraging comments rather of saying his request in a nice manner. My wife went to the location exactly where this Chinese host is yelling our individuals, my wife said, “we do not treat our crew like that, you can say it in a good way, and in the first spot they are my crew not yours, you do not have the appropriate to give instructions to them. Now, if you have any concern you can say it straight to me and I will be the one to instruct my crew” mentioned by my wife to this rude Chinese host. Chinese host replied, “You don’t want to mess with me GIRL!, You do not know me!” My wife replied “You do not want to mess with me either! And you do not know me as properly!, you ought to say it in a good way and we do not treat our individuals the way you do. The rude Chinese host apologizes with a higher tone of voice “Well I’m sorry!” (with a nasty look on his face) my wife said, “Well, You are not sincere”, the chinese host apologizes to my wife but with a different tone of voice. The Chinese wedding host approached me that he already mentioned sorry. He approached me and said, “I currently apologized to your wife, ano siya luluhod pa ba ako sa kanya? She did not accept my apology ang daming nakadinig na guest”. Would you accept an apology that is not sincere with a nasty appear on his face? he must apologize to our crew as well. He’s worried that there are guests already in the location that heard the discussion, in the initial place he’s the one harassing our crew with inappropriate words and high tone of voice, he didn’t even believe of that.

We do not know why those wedding coordinators are also scared and shaking when he provides orders. He even yelled the waiters instructing them to hurry up in serving the food, good point that there is no waiter that has a courage to punch you in your face providing them that sort of attitude.

To you Mr. Chinese Wedding Host, We do not treat people the way you do. You yell at these suppliers exactly where you’re not suppose to handle, Your the host and should keep as a host and leave the job to the wedding coordinators. In the first spot, you are not paying for their food even their salaries. Though the coordinators stated that you’re a perfectionist at weddings.. you should not treat the folks like that, you must not THREATHEN my wife beforehand “You do not want to mess up with me GIRL!, You do not know me” so what do you imply by that? We do not step on men and women like you do, Even if you have fantastic achievements you should share it for those folks who need to have it and you don’t require to say “Ta-tanga tanga ka” or “Use your typical sense” words that can discourage them, Not all individuals are all intelligent as you do and cease getting huge headed. Masyado ata mataas ang tingin mo sa sarili mo. Mahirap yan pag bumaksak ka, Masakit :) .

Well all that I can say is you have an attitude problem Mr. Chinese Wedding Host.

There are many Chinese speaking host out there with a good attitude, I do not know why clients booked you, baka di nila alam totoong ugali mo. If you have attitude troubles or Psychological problems have it managed initial before you deal with weddings, it may finish up a disaster.

If you want to know a lot more about this Chinese Speaking/Singing Wedding Host. According to my investigation.. He’s portion of DLSU, a PSYCHOLOGY GRADUATE??? at DLSU, a PROFESSOR.. and He’s a blind item blogger and creator of Style PARAK.COM , not the genuine name of the web site though, you can very easily uncover it out in the internet, wanting fans on his FB page to hit two Million readers.

For years of documenting weddings, I don’t know that there is a host with this kind of attitude. I laugh also due to the fact he didn’t even mention our studio or give us credits on these AVPs that has been viewed on the wedding day.

We do not care even if your common or who you are, You will be in our A.H. list!

Be kind, nice, and down-to-earth to absolutely everyone, even below pressure. Specially if your in a as soon as in a lifetime occasion like weddings. Everybody must be relaxed and content from guest and even fellow suppliers.. always give the very best wedding knowledge to every person.


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