China&#39s September gold imports hit 5-month higher

China&#39s September gold imports hit five-month higher
Officially, all gold exported to China moves by means of Hong Kong, although the nation lately began permitting direct imports via Beijing. Sources say the move is a way to preserve China&#39s imports under the radar as it seeks to hoard gold to diversify away …
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American whiskey faces challenge in whisky-gulping India
By 2013, US direct spirits exports to India had risen to $ four.2 million, but it was nonetheless only a minuscule fraction (.28 percent) of its worldwide sales of $ 1.5 billion with premium Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys alone exceeding the $ 1 billion mark for …
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Taiwan&#39s ability to sign FTAs in doubt: US
Microchips are Taiwan&#39s principal export item to — and most critical import from — mainland China. In addition, China is the major recipient of Taiwan&#39s top foreign direct investment (FDI), while China&#39s FDI in Taiwan has been increasing …
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