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A complete statement was provided concerning the events with 4th Congressional District Democratic Candidate Nate Irvin

Image by Autistic Prodigy & Survivor of Youngster Sex Trade
and his drunken association with kid, human, and drug trafficking…

Do not let the boyish excellent- appears fool you. He’s a drug trafficker, and knows that his dealers are pimping teens…

Please! Please! Please! Do not let the truth that witness’s, and victims, seldom coming forward for help with regional CPD fool you into considering that human trafficking is some elusive, rare, sophisticated kind of organized crime.

Here’s a parallel predicament:

Two appealing, wise, single men and women meet at a neighborhood public place. Their generating goo-goo eyes at every other, he’s speaking shit, and she’s giggling at everything he says no matter how stupid it is. It is sexual attraction. A wholesome human need to have expressed in a healthful human way. No one particular says something about sex, or a sexual act, even so these two individuals, and everyone about seeing this exchange KNOWS precisely what is going on…

The sex trafficking of adults, and kids, is also primarily based in human virility. Just Unhealthy sexual, and spiritual requirements for drugs, and sexual relationships primarily based on the need to have for energy and control. It really is not like the ‘john’ goes up to the pimp and says, &quotExcuse me, Sir, could I please make an illegal procurement of the sexual services of a minor youngster with these illegal drugs that you can share with the sex slave that you’ve beaten, and drugged into submission?&quot

I imply, Actually?

It takes place just like the healthful social sexual exchange between the two aforementioned folks in the preceding paragraph. The words do not have to be mentioned because absolutely everyone involved from the pimp/drug dealer, to the slave who’s addicted to drugs and is re-enacting childhood abuses because it’s familiar, and the pimp who is also re-enacting their own childhood abuses simply because it’s familiar JUST know Specifically what is going on… I am familiar with these dynamics simply because 1) I am a savant 2) a savant who survived this identical shit as a youngster prodigy three) I am out of my own Stockholm Syndrome 40 I was educated by the best investigators, as an adult female prodigy, as a remedy to getting buried in this beneath educated (due to beneath-funding due to fucked up priorities due to … under-education) Central Missouri ‘poverty breeding ignorance breeding poverty breeding ignorance’ Bible Belt Community who willfully ignores the parts of the Bible like &quotBe a witness. Testify.&quot &quotjudge not and ye shall not be judged…&quot &quotThose who safeguard the least of them (young children, disabled, homeless, etc) defend Me…&quot as in God.

It is not sophisticated, or rare at all. I’ve been a victim, and survivor, of these atrocities. My traffickers had been my extremely educated parents. My sexual molesters have been white trash, Vietnam Vets, law enforcement in Marshall MO, doctors in the COMO location when my R.N. aunt pimped me out for prescription discomfort pills from the M.D.’s that she worked with. Because my father was trained in Naval Intelligence in Vietnam he had lot’s of allies through criminal partners. A lot of had been law enforcement who shot too several dear illegally, or hunted out of season with my expert marksman father… or liked to touch his gorgeous, wise, sophisticated daughter…

When investigators notified the local Marshall P.D. I recall my father reminding them they if they acted, they would go to jail, and loose their careers. back in the early, mid, and late ’70’s, early ’80’s there was no federal remedy for my teachers, and child protective investigators. My mother was extremely lovely, and slept with the prosecutors she worked for, and judges she worked with… they dare not aid me lest they loose their careers, and families.

Nevertheless, all of these helpless investigators knew that I was intellectually gifted, and taught me to aid them, aid me, in other ways. To lessen the harm carried out to my prodigious savant intellect &amp character. I was autistic, back then I was called retarded. University of Missouri physicians nevertheless call me retarded… That’s a different article…

Crime is not uncommon. Not for this region, especially in licensed practitioners, social workers, mental well being clinicians, homeless shelter employees, and so forth. A lot of it is founded about prescription narcotics, and the illegal diversion of sufferers/customers narcotics to feed the staffs addiction It’s the only way they can maintain their careers, and federal funds flowing to insure a paycheck. This is named governing dynamics. Nash Equilibrium. John Forbes Nash. Russell Crowes character in the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Nobel Peace Prize winning economist.

here’s the report on Nate Irvin, and the jist of what I stated to nearby PD…

Federally funded drug trafficking? Campaign funds from the distribution of illegal drugs? Protection for local drug/kid traffickers like ‘St. Louis’ due to the fact his supplier is the unopposed (no other Democrats operating for this district) Democratic 4th Congressional District Candidate Nate Irvin.

Nate is running for congress… His major opponent, whom he genuinely despises, is Republican Vicky Hartzler, whom I just sent an email to this post. Here’s hyperlinks to Vicky Hartzler’s web site:

Rep. Hartzler lately held a summit on human trafficking.

Nate was a number of sheets to the wind when he came into ‘the Circle’ on the corner of 9th St. &amp Walnut with a properly identified abused drug addicted prostitute. I lead him into a conversation whereby he inadvertently confessed to getting a part of illegal drug activities in a public place in front of witness’s.

Candidate Nate Irvin had no concept who I was. I had no thought who he was. I did not care. He carried a massive quantity of food into a known drug park adjacent to the very first Christian Church. We began talking politics, he then identified himself, his politiical celebration, and that he was &quotabout to be elected&quot. Nate had piqued my curiosity due to the fact he entered the public area with an abused drug addicted prostitute. When I notified police that one of the teen boys that was being pimped out by ‘St. Louis’, and Kevin Reynolds, was actually a missing teen I showed a video of this female trafficking victim to neighborhood PD. The victim was becoming abused by a neighborhood thug street name ‘Six Pack’, and another drug addicted prostitute who had been drunkenly ‘molesting’ every other in the street as a sex show, in in between the physical violence, for ‘Six Pack’.

I asked 4th Congressional District Candidate Nate Irvin about his views on the regional human/kid trafficking epidemic. I kept in thoughts that he was intoxicated and with whom I witnessed him becoming intimately connected. Preserve in thoughts that I was immunized by a FL attorney,political campaign manager, and legal scholar C. Chad Cronon. I did not inform Nate this, although…

Anyway, Nate Irvin boldly stated that there was no nearby human trafficking issue. I identified myself as an activist against, and survivor of, the neighborhood human/youngster trafficking sub-culture. I asked him not to repeat that. He boisterously informed me that he rode in &quotcars with meth labs in the back of them&quot and that he knew how to keep his mouth shut.

All proof to the contrary!

Then notorious drug/youngster trafficker ‘St. Louis’ walked into the location, and enthusiastically greeted the congressional candidate. I knew correct then that I would not be safe on the streets. I had been watching ‘St. Louis’ and all recognized associates to recognize the governing dynamics, and uncover out who his supplier, and financier might be. I did this as a homeless person. ‘St. Louis’ is a pure sociopath. He stated that he’d just as well ‘break your mother fuckin’ jaw’ as to deal with you. He is seen as the alpha ‘dog’, and everybody is submissive to him.

Nevertheless, ‘St. Louis’ behaved in a submissive manner towards Nate Irvin, the nearby Democratic 4th Congressional District candidate. ‘St. Louis’ submits to know 1, a lot much less a 25 year old white boy, nonetheless, ‘St. Louis told the candidate that he required a provide of real ‘pot’, not the fake K2, and delicately pleaded to speak with him in private at his comfort and drunkenly went off to one more region. Even though ‘St. Louis’ was gone I told the candidate that ‘St. Louis’ was a suspect in child trafficking and that if Nate said something about what I do, that it could get me killed. The candidate mentioned to me &quotthis isn’t my initial rodeo…&quot He was NOT AT ALL surprised to hear that his close friend was a suspect in the trafficking of minor young children… Candidate Nate Irvin already knew… I believe that he plays a role in this, somewhere…

I have noticed it all… Fortunately this congressional candidate was half lit and rushed off to do ‘business’ with local drug/youngster trafficker, ‘St. Louis’, at a local restaurant in downtown Columbia Missouri.

I contacted my folks, explained that my security was jeopardized, and I was right away extracted from the downtown area for my safety.

Nonetheless, given that regional law enforcement has no protocols in spot to accommodate for the safety of an autistic witness, my deposition was cancelled, for now. Local P.D. has a hyperlink to this write-up. They know exactly where I remain, and what I do. My men and women are putting in touch with the U.S. Department of Homeland Safety, whom I have assisted in Florida, and Arizona (I Consider!).

Disclaimer: This is an art biography. Getting a ‘retard’ according to the University of Missouri Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Scott Hoskins, who felt that performing two surgical procedures without having ANY anesthetic, as his own form of ‘aversion’ therapy for an adult autistic female who struggled to communicate do to an accompanying Savant Syndrome. I just procedure scary shit the greatest way I know how. If the local authorities had been to set their ‘feelings’, ego’s, and deadly protocols then this could end up like the Scott Rozear Mason information. Disregarded. Then comes the dead youngsters. Like Matthew A. Nestle, of Pensacola, who was murdered by Scott Rozear Mason when mason shot Matthew in the groin, and in the neck. I had been trying to get Mason locked up for three years. Turned more than stacks of proof of R.I.C.O. Violations by his registered bogus non-for -profit ‘project innocent, INC. here’s a link to their ACTIVE corporate articles. Every person officer on these articles is incarcerated. John R. Mason, child trafficker Scott Rozear Mason’s pedophile father, was incarcerated for kid pornography when these were filed.

Ronald J. Hobson
Florida dept. of Corrections Inmate
Received 02/21/2002
Existing Facility: UNION C.I.
Present Custody: CLOSE
Existing Release Date: 05/04/2022

Present Prison Sentence History: Current Prison Sentence History:

Offense Date: 09/04/1999 SEX ACT COERCE Youngster BY ADULT 01/16/2002 ST. LUCIE 0100634 25Y 0M 0D

Offense: 09/04/1999 SEX ACT COERCE Kid BY ADULT 01/16/2002 ST. LUCIE 0100634 25Y 0M 0D

Scott R. Mason
Florida Division of Corrections Offender Info
Initial Receipt Date: 01/23/2014
Present Facility: NWFRC Primary UNIT.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Existing Release Date: 12/03/2052

Offense Date: 12/13/2012
Offense: 2ND DEG.MURD,Unsafe ACT
Sentence Date: 01/17/2014
Case No. 1206231
Prison Sentence Length: 40 years 0months OD

Scott’s Registered sex Offender father:
John R. Mason

Charges he was in prison for when these corporate articles had been filed:
Charge 1)
ESCAMBIA sentenced to 4Y 7M 0D FL DOC

Charge 2
Youngster ABUSE,PROM SEX PHOTO And so on

Charge 3

Charge 4

Charge five
POSS PHOTO And so forth Kid SEX PERF

Charge 6
POSS PHOTO And so forth Child SEX PERF

Charge 7
POSS PHOTO And so on Youngster SEX PERF 05/22/2007
ESCAMBIA 0600571 4Y 7M 0D

Charge eight
ten/13/2003 POSS PHOTO Etc Kid SEX PERF 05/22/2007 ESCAMBIA 0600571 4Y 7M 0D

Charge 9
ten/13/2003 POSS PHOTO Etc Kid SEX PERF 05/22/2007 ESCAMBIA 0600571 4Y 7M 0D

Charge ten
ten/13/2003 POSS PHOTO Etc Kid SEX PERF 05/22/2007 ESCAMBIA 0600571 4Y 7M 0D

Charge 11
ten/13/2003 POSS PHOTO Etc Youngster SEX PERF 05/22/2007 ESCAMBIA 0600571 4Y 7M 0D

Charge 12
ten/13/2003 POSS PHOTO Etc Youngster SEX PERF 05/22/2007 ESCAMBIA 0600571 4Y 7M 0D

Daniel L. Selby Richard Edwin Beasley’s long time companion in organized crime:
Florida department of corrections Inmate Population Information
Initial Receipt Date: 01/27/2000
Present Facility: UNION C.I.
Existing Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: ten/15/2041

Chad saw this shit and went nuts! Chad Cronon J.D.was a prosecutor in Orange Co. FL. he stated I got buried to get a lot of egg off of the Orange Co. States Attorneys face. More on that later. there is a whole book that I wrote about all that…

I practically ended up dead simply because of the lack of legislation to provide for victim/witness security with neighborhood MO P.D., and accommodations for the communication barriers that are inherent in persons with Autism.

I can say that the nearby C.P.D. does look extremely enthusiastic about receiving the coaching, and certifications, needed to be an successful force against the atrocities that accompany human/child trafficking.

I do not blame them. I am just identifying critical cracks in the present method that as soon as remedied with federal grants, and education, more victims will come forward for support. At that point, a lot more of the offenders can be successfully prosecuted, to set critical legal presidents that will better offer for kid, and public security. Everyone wins…. I was a youngster prodigy, and adult female prodigy lost in this poorly prioritized system. Tons of federal dollars funding tailgate parties, football fields, and yuppie jock activities, yet no sources for the rape victims who realize that suicide is the only way out of the discomfort, and retaliation for reporting the rape in this ‘Rapists Paradise’ University of Missouri college town. if you all took of your monthly beer funds there would be endless economic sources for kid, and adult victims of sexual trauma, youngster &amp human trafficking… I’ve been gone for decades, got the appropriate diagnosis of autism with savant syndrome, and a correct regimen of medication to be capable to perform. I come back and absolutely nothing has changed. the regional white boys operating for, and in, public workplace are intimately defending and financing the rapists…

I was so disgusted with what I saw go on among Nate Irvin, ‘St. Louis’, and Myra that I couldn’t even enjoy a really comfortable area, offered for my security, following many months in concrete shelters, and the drug/human/child trafficking streets of Columbia, MO. I was born at the University of Missouri hospital, in 1970. I survived child, pre-teen, and teen trafficking in this location, and surrounding counties &amp states. I know what I see &amp what I hear… Now, it is time for me to do what I do…. Inform the entire story. there is no suitable legislation in location for any investigator to do what I do. You fund undercover narcotics officers, but no undercover investigators to aid prosecute the regional child, teen, and human sex trade.

You poor all types of tax dollars into your tailgate parties, beer kegs, football fields, and sports memorabilia. Lot’s of mixed drinks, and attorney’s to get you out of prison when you get behind the wheel of a car, drunk as fuck, and then try to outrun the police when they try to pull you more than, the you spend the hospital bill when you wreck the fuckin’ auto during the high speed chase. Then you function on your Masters degree in clinical psychology????

Are you fucking kidding me???

I am letting the taxpayers know that if Nate Irvin is getting federal funds, or donations, for his campaign, and is dealing in drugs and adult female prostitutes then they require to get in touch with the U.S. Division of Justice. Nearby P.D. do not care to make reasonable accommodations for me to be in a position to give a safe &amp anonymous interview. My autism spectrum disorder, and Savant Syndrome, which I use prodigiously to communicate, and method the immeasurable amount of information that I take in in any offered minute is socially crippling. I see things mathematically simply because mathematics is the language of the Universe. Every little thing we say, and do, adds up to one thing… I struggle to communicate with these I care for, a lot less a public official who can get me killed. If I die, it really is going to be simply because of anything stupid I do, not one thing stupid that Someone ELSE does…

Much more later….

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