she dyed her hair some a lot more… – _MG_0708

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she dyed her hair some a lot more… – _MG_0708

Image by sean dreilinger
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Open Supply Porfolio

Image by giulia.forsythe
We started our training of OSP today by way of interactive webinar from
Right here are my notes. There have been 4 other programmy folks in the area who fundamentally realize a lot of what was covered. I belong in the category of instructional designer who gets the sense of what’s going on and was capable to adhere to along until we got into the &quotpredicate&quot discussion portion (see bottom correct).

Basically, here’s the scoop, as I realize it- Sakai (our finding out management system, named Isaak here at Brock) has optional tool known as Open Source Portfolio (OSP) which allows you to plug in Sources (primary location for files) and Assignments (main place to accept files/text from students) into a larger assessment framework. The major mode of assessment is by means of Matrices which allow you to set up by means of Types a structure for the criteria at a course, program or university-wide level.

The forms are produced by the developer utilizing XML.

For these of you nevertheless with me, XML is a hierarchal, markup language that consists of artifact, meta-information, structured information, schema.

Sample types exist in the tools that we can customize as per our needs. We are at the moment operating a pilot with Psychology 4th year capstone class with Dr. Tanya Martini. Ideally, she will seek the advice of with us on desired inputs and the developers will modify the xslt templates to produce a structure that operates with her desired assessment.

Customers will then interact with the matrices to comprehensive the forms which will contain directions and the option to several select or answer by means of totally free text.

The primary implies of showcasing the information is by way of the portfolio itself. Which if rendered properly should appear just like a good clean webpage that hyperlinks to all the input the user has entered.

That is as much as I comprehend. I am expecting Matt to now chime in with some of his notes and then we’ll have a fuller image. I could have to edit this as a result :)

Stonebriar, St. Paul 1

Image by Universal Pops (David)
This is a creative commons image, which you may freely use by linking to this page. Please respect the photographer and his function.

The ten-bay Stonebriar Apartments (currently a facility for senior citizens) was at a single time the St. Paul Hotel and the Blue Sulphur Hotel. Built in 1901 or 1909 (the Virginia Division of Historic Resources file provides both dates) it had the most current of contemporary conveniences: telephone service, hot shower and central steam heating. The three-story brick structure has a flat roof above its symmetrical façade. Three windows show on both second and third levels, the significant distinction getting the center window on the 2nd floor, which is larger than the other folks. Between the levels is a course of brickwork (which is greatest seen in the second image for this building). Presumably a less noticeable belt course is in between the 1st and 2nd floors, but I didn’t notice this. The window surrounds display masonry details of ashlar quoins, alternating tiny and large blocks. The surrounds arch above the windows and shows a keystone element. On the front façade the windows are 1/1 and appear to be fixed. The entrance shows the same ashlar quoin pattern of the windows and has a semicircular transom. It is flanked by paired windows with the surround getting shared by each on one particular side. A porch spans the width of the structure with a modern balustrade amongst the iron pipes which assistance the flat porch roof. The name Stonebriar is prominent on the fascia. At the rear is a contemporary addition. These images had been taken a small previous 7 on a very foggy morning in St. Paul, Sensible County, Virginia. The creating is listed as element of the St. Paul Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places the district was added June 8, 2011 with ID #11000351

Source:… This document is the perform of Hanbury Preservation Consulting to whom I’d indebted for so considerably of my details.…

This operate is licensed below a Inventive Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike three. Unported License.

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