China Economy Surpasses US In Purchasing Power, But Americans Don&#39t Want 

China Economy Surpasses US In Acquiring Energy, But Americans Don&#39t Need to have
Workers perform on China&#39s home-grown airliner C919&#39s final assembly in Shanghai. The International Monetary Fund announced on Wednesday that the Chinese economy had surpassed the U.S. in terms of purchasing energy parity. Reuters.
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China Is Now the Globe&#39s Largest Economy Based on Acquiring Energy Parity
Following years of the United States wearing the coveted crown China is now ranked the globe&#39s biggest economy based on buying power parity, according to current GDP information released by the International Monetary Fund. The IMF explains the getting&nbsp…
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China ahead of US in getting energy parity: IMF
WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund is reporting that China has surpassed the United States as the globe&#39s largest economy in terms of buying power parity. The IMF estimated the size of the US economy in 2014 as $ 17.4 trillion, although China …

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