China increasingly creating &#39tools of torture&#39 for export: Amnesty

China increasingly making &#39tools of torture&#39 for export: Amnesty
One company, China Xining Import/Export Corporation, which advertises thumb cuffs, restraint chairs and electric stun guns, said in 2012 it had ties to more than 40 African nations, according to Amnesty. The firm could not be reached for comment.
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Machine tool market import worth of machine tools was usd 16.09 billion in
The sales revenue of machine tool industry was CNY 802.63 billion in China in 2013, up by 13.7% YOY. The numerical manage price of machine tool production in China is decrease than that in nations like the U.S. and Japan even though the rate increases in …
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U.S. Federal Reserve Meeting Minutes for Sept. 17 (Text)
The deputy manager also outlined a proposal for changes to the ongoing ON RRP exercising to test attainable design attributes that could enable an ON RRP facility to serve as an powerful supplementary tool throughout policy normalization while also mitigating …
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