Lastest Acquiring Workplace In China News

Cushman &amp Wakefield: Multinational Firms Turn to India, China for Workplace Demands
Taking the chance to greater control costs and take benefit of tax breaks not available in the United States, an increasing number of multinational firms are acquiring workplace space in India and China rather than leasing, according to a new …
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China Responds To Alarming Regional Debt Crisis
The National Audit Workplace reported that regional government debt and contingent liabilities amounted to 17.9 trillion yuan as of June 30, 2013, up 67% from the finish of 2010. The NAO said practically 40% of such indebtedness was incurred by means of far more than 7,000&nbsp…
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Air Pogo made right here in the Pine Belt
When Banta initially flew from Pasadena to Hattiesburg to meet the Webbs and discuss buying the product, he had every single intention on moving the operations back to California. But that all changed when the Webbs gave him a tour of Laurel Industries.
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