Chang in person – “A trip to Hades”

Some cool agent in chinese pictures:

Chang in individual – “A trip to Hades”

Image by National Library NZ on The Commons
1939, Lithograph, 380 x 252 mm, Ephemera Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Reference: Eph-C-CABOT-Magic-1939-01

In 1926 Cabot set himself up as a theatrical agent in Wellington, and rented hoardings to advertise image shows, circus and assortment entertainment. His association with circuses continued but the focus of his poster collection broadened to consist of carnivals, fairs and sideshows, magic shows, going to selection groups and singers. These visitors appreciated the energy and professionalism that he applied to the job of pre-publicity agent.

This poster is a wonderful instance of the wealthy colour of posters in the 1930s, and makes use of the technique of lighting the face from under, to convey the thrill and drama of a magic show, and recommend a dark mystery. Two other magician posters in the collection also use this lighting method. Critiques of the shows had been enthusiastic about Chang’s marvellous sleight of hand with bowls of water and bowls of sand, but do not reflect the intimidating thrall of this poster.

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Cute Chinese Girl, Hotel Staff in Shenzhen share Sustainability Symbol _3341

Image by !/_PeacePlusOne
three finger &quotPeace + One&quot Sustainability Symbol in Shenzhen, China view more &quotDragonTHINK&quot photographs at

(Make contact with Philip McMaster at for info to use photo)

the 3 finger Sustainability Symbol is shared by men and women around the globe -a personal

statement declaring &quotI’m Part of the Solution!&quot

– Join the Fun, &quotPeace Plus One&quot!

Begin now and share the 3 finger &quotPeace Plus 1&quot Sustainability Symbol with these you

adore and care about. We only have one life-sustaining planet… what are you performing to

hold it liveable?

It really is truly Easy!

Recognize that the Sustainability Symbol represents a Personal INTEREST in living a

very good and prosperous life – a life of balance in 3 dimensions – Society, the

Environment and the Economy – ( or if you like: &quotPeople, Planet and Profit&quot ) … and

please feel free of charge to share the Sustainability Symbol and its which means with at least three


… that’s it! that’s all you have to do!

RECIPE FOR &quotPEACE PLUS One&quot – (English)


1.) Make the &quotPeace&quot sign in the old boring way,

two.) add A single finger,


3.) Peace, Plus One particular… the new three finger Sustainability Salute! …Cool!

(Now get somebody to take a photo of you, and add it to your online photo account…

inform us about it and we’ll share the hyperlink!)

– – – – —- – – – – –


If you would like to discover far more, and turn out to be a Climate Modify Agent (or even be

appointed a Climate Change Ambassador for your nation!!) check out

There are so a lot of distracting troubles in the world, it’s difficult to quit pondering with a

adverse, disaster mentality…
Rather – take control of your life, and spread the great news that WE the Folks will

make the new sustainable planet come about.
We’ll do it by sharing meaningful tips,
we’ll do it by cooperating with each other,
we’ll do it by becoming our own leaders and decision-makers,
and following what we know is correct for us and for the planet.


Participate with the Institute for Sustainable Improvement in Commerce,
and we’ll help you get a better job, reside healthier and longer,
be respected and admired by every person about you,
and PROFIT BY Becoming Element OF THE Solution, not the issue.

Other internet sites where you can locate information on Climate Modify Agents and the history of

the Sustainability Symbol: (Chinese) (English)

(Posted by a China Sourcing Agent)


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