Cool Import Chinese Items pictures

Check out these import chinese items images:

If you develop it, they won’t come

Image by Canadian Pacific
Shenzhen is a metropolis correct along the Hong Kong-Chinese border, on the Chinese side. This upmarket purchasing mall was virtually empty the each instances we visited it. There are causes. China has high import duties whereas Hong Kong has zero import duties on practically all items.

Hong Kong is also a considerably bigger company and tourism location than Shenzhen, and hece a much larger market place. All of these reasons led to the reality that you can get brand-names cheaper in Hong Kong, with a a lot bigger selection than in Shenzhen.

Shoppers vote with their feet. Why pay more with a smaller selection in China when you can just cross the border and pay less in Hong Kong?

*** The flickr map shown in appropriate, but it identifies the place in words as &quotHong Kong,&quot whcih is incorrect. This is in Shenzhen, China.

(Posted by a China Sourcing Agent)


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