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Peranakan Style #two

Image by chooyutshing
Sarong Kebaya worn by the Chinese Peranakan in the early 20th century exhibit at the Peranakan Museum. Lace kebaya of cotton voile machine made embroidery.

Enterprise leaders in the news
He received bachelor degrees in management and accounting from the University of Detroit, and a master&#39s degree in finance and international organization from Wayne State University. â–¡ Jumana Judeh was inducted as an honorary member of the Practicing …
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Shaming of Tesco: Retail giant suspends four best managers who &#39cooked books
His four suspended directors are: UK managing director Chris Bush, UK finance director Carl Rogberg, food commercial director John Scouler, and food sourcing director Matt Simister. Questions will also be asked of former chief executive, Philip Clarke …
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Japan to Resume Controversial Whaling Plan
According to the Related Press, for the duration of a recent meeting in Slovenia the International Whaling Commission decided that Japan ought to not continue their whaling program simply because &quotit isn&#39t for analysis purposes.&quot Many think that Japan plans on the …
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Tesco sees you coming
And within the group industrial function will be the currently established unit of international non-meals sourcing, we have a expanding business in group corporate getting, goods and services not-for-resale, and we have our new capability of group food&nbsp…
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