China GPS operators and distributors on the road

China GPS operators and distributors on the road

Core Tip: Along with the speedy improvement of social, urban, financial, transport, the group of “car” is receiving enormous, the people’s increasing customer demand is also growing, they want new technologies, new technologies a lot more solutions public life and function, the trend of demand from a specific point of view led to the improvement of GPS place-primarily based solutions business, it is also the market place demand for GPS operators to develop a improvement opportunity. Therefore, the GPS operators to show their skills in order to highlight its exclusive strengths and characteristics.

Along with the rapid development of social, urban, economic, transport, and the team of “automobile” getting massive, folks growing consumer demand is also increasing, they want new technologies, new technology can be more solutions in the public life with the operate, the trend of demand from a specific point of view led to the development of GPS location-primarily based solutions sector, it is also the industry demand for GPS operators to develop a improvement opportunity. Hence, the GPS operators to show their skills in order to highlight its unique strengths and characteristics.

Admittedly, the market place demand affects the penetration of the product applications, but issues in the method of improvement, there is often contradictions in the development and smooth at the exact same time, restricting the presence of aspects, such as cost, technical constraints, In this regard, the author from China’s GPS sector improvement status, improvement constraints, outdoors influence on the GPS operators in the current trend of economic improvement, how the survival of the state, as properly as the improvement of analysis by which the constraints of the function .

I consider, impacted by the reality of China’s national situations, China GPS operators is not sorted Mobile, China Unicom, the three significant telecom operators, like deep-rooted, 1st, the supply of the trace to its source, GPS automobile terminal two core topic to other people, and communications , subject to mobile operators, positioning is subject to the U.S. Navy. Positioning accurate measure, the communication is regular to measure the major symbol of this solution is good or poor haphazard improvement of China’s GPS industry is not conducive to efficient integration, which is not conducive to extended-term improvement.

According to incomplete statistics, the GPS operators thousands, but really really handful of businesses of a certain size, and even the profitability of many GPS operators worrying. Industry celebrities, Mr. Li Zhaorong described in the survival of small and medium-sized GPS operators, several GPS operators is fairly vague on the idea of SP, there is no idea of service and process, not even a complete contact center technique. Lead to small and medium-sized GPS operators in the method of operation of difficult, little prospect of improvement.

The author believes that the existing GPS industry is there are a assortment of bottlenecks:

1st, the macro-handle and supervision of the policy is not enough, result in confusion in the market, some operators to fish in troubled waters, opportunistic,Major merchandise: vehicle DVD player with very good quality. resulting in a much more significant marketplace spontaneity and disorder, GPS uncoordinated improvement, a lot of operators of unhealthy competitors, producing the development of GPS market place confusion, the direction of improvement of a feasibility.

Second, the profit model of the GPS operator tends to the one-sided, do not type a full program, affecting the whole business in the development process.


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