Agent Ace: Making use of Algorithms To Help You Locate A Actual Estate Agent

The Metropolitan Police

Image by Chris JL
(have to view Big)
&quotYou are a brave man&quot came to tell me the black man in the picture shortly soon after I took the shot – and he meant it.
Few seconds prior to, he was unknowingly walking toward the cops even though texting on his mobile. The camera captures the surprise (fear?) of discovering himself surrounded by the agents. “After the day they had, I wouldn’t mess with them” he told me. Indeed, the police had a tough day with the crowd handle at the carnival: lots of passive marijuana smoking, and a challenging time attempting not to trip over the thousands of empty bottles of alcohol littering the streets.
Nonetheless, I never ever located the British police threatening. They have no guns, they typically speak in a friendly manner, and – most importantly – they are not scary because they are not scared (given that you are unlikely to be carrying a gun — if you have ever been stopped by the Texas police, you know what I imply).
Really, possessing lived in many various nations, British cops are by far my favorites. But, unlike this man — who btw was clearly properly educated — I’m white. And right after giving a closer look at the skin tones of the agents in the photograph, I may well understand him.

At the Carnival, Notting Hill, London, UK.

Agent Ace: Using Algorithms To Assist You Discover A Genuine Estate Agent
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