Lastest China Direct Import News

First direct imports from Africa and China to Russia
Russia remains committed to creating its own crops. A seed firm will attempt to make the Omsk region independent of Dutch imports. Moreover, Russia continues to appear for new suppliers in Africa and Asia. At the border, a shipment from the …
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China Said to Discuss Changes to U.S. Grain Import Inspections
Chinese regulators discussed changing inspection needs for shipments of U.S. corn byproducts, according to four men and women with direct expertise. Imports of dried distillers grains presently call for government certification that they don&#39t include …
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In The Papers: Chinese Imports, Affirmative Action And Foreign Help
Partly causing this sag in the job market was an astonishing improve in import competitors from China. The share of U.S. manufacturing imports from China rose from four.5 percent in 1991 to 23.1 % in 2011. The direct employment losses linked …
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(Posted by a China Sourcing Agent)


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