IT Outsourcing Market place Far From Stable

IT Outsourcing Industry Far From Steady
The demand for worldwide IT and company process solutions remained steady in the second quarter of 2014, according to a not too long ago released report from outsourcing consultancy Everest Group. A total of 416 outsourcing offers had been signed during the period,&nbsp…
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NASA Is Outsourcing &#39Space Taxi&#39 Service to SpaceX, Boeing
Boeing will get the lion&#39s share of that — $ four.2 billion, versus $ two.6 billion for SpaceX — but each will be delivering primarily the exact same service. Beginning in 2017, these new ships will enable for a larger capacity on the ISS — 7 people at a time …
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Singapore proposes &#39enhanced&#39 regulatory framework for outsourcing
The notice would impose legally-binding requirements on financial institutions, such as subjecting service providers to “appropriate due diligences processes to assess the dangers related with outsourcing arrangements when contemplating, renegotiating …
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