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Some cool buy china goods pictures:

Reef Flute Cave, China

Image by Pathos Photos
I re-posted this photo from reed flute cave on Google+ about a week ago and it has gotten over 124,000 views! Crazy!

Limited Edition Prints

*The Underground Lake*

There is a series of cave systems that run beneath the large mountains of Guilin in southern China. Reed Flute Cave is 1 of the far more renowned ones so I produced a slight detour to go verify it out. Like most places in China, there were a good quantity of tourists around so I quietly waited for them to pass so that I could have the spot to myself and take pictures. The difficulty was that they would turn off the lights as quickly as the vacationers passed by so I was typically left in the middle of a massive underground chamber with practically nothing but my cat eyes to guide me to safety. It was a small bit eerie, but all with each other amazing! I would point my camera at the ceiling and leave the shutter open for minutes at a time to collect all the faint light reflecting off some distant stalactite.

I ultimately made my way to the largest chamber where a modest lake made a perfect reflection of the alien-searching rock formation on the other finish. As I was waiting for my camera to gather all the light, my thoughts began to wonder what was lying deep in this ancient underground lake. As I kept staring at the dark water, listening to the single drops of water sliding off the stalactites and delicately swan-diving into the lake, I started to really feel a hypnotic pull to stroll into the lake. Fortunate for me I was traveling with my guide, Bart, who tripped over one thing, created a loud noise and brought me back to the present moment … and that is why you hire a guide, ladies and gentlemen. They can hold you from taking a dip in scary underground lakes.

(Posted by a China Sourcing Agent)


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