International Solar Photovoltaic Market place Outlook to 2015 – Asia Pacific the Subsequent Epicentre in PV sector

International Solar Photovoltaic Marketplace Outlook to 2015 – Asia Pacific the Subsequent Epicentre in PV market

Executive Summary

The report covers details on various subjects such as On-grid and Off-grid cumulative and annual installed capacity, PV energy per capita, cell and module production in different regions, marketplace segmentation, trends and developments prevailing across the major regions and competitive landscape of the significant players operating in the nations. The report entails the SWOT analysis of solar PV marketplace in numerous countries.

The future outlook presents the base case, conservative case and aggressive case situation factor evaluation offering an insight on the prospects in the solar PV cumulative and annual installed capacity for all the countries and region. The report also consists of the lead to and effect partnership among the a variety of business factors prevailing in the solar PV industry.  

Asia Pacific
Apart from China and India which are targeted as the upcoming market place in the region, rest of the nations in the region are in the different phase of development with regards to the improvement of the solar photovoltaic market. For instance Taiwan is one particular of the countries which is in the forefront of the production of PV products and has increased the number of installations whereas in Japan, the solar photovoltaic market is in the declining stage.

Throughout the period from 2006-2010, the annual installations have improved at a CAGR of 57.3%.The installations more than the years have elevated from 333 MW in 2006 to 967 MW in 2009. The year 2010, was a phenomenal year for this business with an increase of more than 100% compared to the earlier year. The annual PV installations jumped from 967 MW in 2009 to 2,036 MW in 2010.

Japan’s solar PV segment is an export oriented marketplace. The nation exported 58.1% of its solar cells and modules production to overseas nations such as Germany, Spain and other people. The proportion of its production shipped to overseas countries has decreased over time with numerous other emerging Asian Pacific nations such as China and Taiwan supplying stiff competition to the country. About 41.9% of the production of solar cells and modules have been utilized domestically for residential, commercial and consumer purposes.

Rural electrification was the largest application of PV systems in China. Almost 50% of solar PV installations are utilized for electrifying the rural areas. With far more emphasis by government on the BIPV segment, its share of 17.5% in 2010 is probably to boost in the coming years. Communication and Industrial Applications, Tiny solar PV appliances and ground based big scale PV power plants are other segments where PV installed capacity are utilized.

Taiwan is only behind China in terms of production of silicon PV cells worldwide. The two together held a market place share of nearly 60%. The nation has a stable provide chain network with items ranging from a variety of silicon products to solar modules. The country has emerged as a single of the manufacturing centre for PV goods specifically in Asia Pacific region.

European nations accounted for practically 74% of the total cumulative installed capacity in 2010 or 29,252 MW in volume terms. The leading 3 nations i.e. Germany, Spain and Italy operating in the area had a combined cumulative capacity of 24,471 MW in 2010. The demand for PV installations elevated in Germany and Italy even though declined drastically in Spain in 2009.

The energy generated from solar photovoltaic technology has also registered a considerable development in the country. Though the energy generation using photovoltaic technologies is nevertheless high-priced as compared to other sources, it is expected that the finding out curve will turn into a lot more convex more than a period of time with the innovation in technologies and with the achievement of economies of scale. The power generation has improved from two,220 GWh in 2006 to 6,578 GWh in 2009. During the period from 2006-2009, the solar photovoltaic power generation elevated at a high CAGR of 43.6%.

Italy is the second largest nation in EU with respect to the number of new installations in the country. In 2010, 2,321 MW of new capacity was installed in the nation leading to a cumulative installed capacity of 3,494 MW. The solar PV installed capacity has grown with the government assistance and stimulative economic environment in Italy. The feed-in-tariffs had been introduced in 2005 which lead to a minor improve in the new system capacity in 2006.

North America
The annual PV installations increased at a CAGR of 60.2% from 2006-2010. Increasing annual installations more than the years are driven by rise in awareness with regards to the dangerous effects of carbon emission gases and search for an alternative source of power. It is anticipated that the PV technologies will be one particular of the a lot of alternatives available for clean power. The annual PV installations registered a strong improve in 2010 with the number of PV installations increasing from 539 MW in 2009 to 982 MW in 2010. This enhance was largely because of the enhance registered in the off grid segment. The segment registered a growth of 168%, increasing from 84 MW of installed capacity in 2009 to 226 MW of installed capacity in 2010.

The US
The PV installations in the nation registered a diversified look with 16 states installing ten MW of PV as compared to only four states in 2007. A total of five states in the US registered PV installation of far more than 50 MW in 2010. The year 2010, showcases a complete various picture with states like New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and other individuals growing their PV installations. The share of California has lowered to 30% of the total US PV industry which depicts decrease dependency on a single state for PV development.

•  The feed-in-tariffs introduced in the various nations and their impact on the solar PV market place
•  The annual and cumulative PV installations along with PV power per capita in a variety of countries and regions from 2006-2010
•  Cell and module production in various countries from 2006-2010.
•  Future Outlook on the basis of assumed scenarios i.e. base case, worst case and aggressive case on cumulative installed capacity, annual installed capacity and PV energy per capita, from 2011-2015
•  Cause and effect connection analysis in between different industry factors among a variety of regions.
•  SWOT evaluation of the solar PV industry and Macro Economic Environment in various countries.
•  The segmentation on the basis of variety of technologies employed, PV demand and shipments supplied in numerous nations.
•  Competitive Landscape of the different players operating in numerous countries across the globe.

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