Role of Third Party

Function of Third Party

What is the bottom line? Democrats and Republicans alike never care about third celebration candidates unless they have the possible of maintaining the other party out of workplace. When a third party candidate can take votes away from a Democrat, the Democrats will be annoyed and vise versa, which is no large surprise.It is political season, and incumbents will try anything to save their jobs.


This year, unfortunately, is just yet another example of politicians stopping at practically nothing to win their re-elections. There are several races in this year’s election where a third celebration candidate could steer the election benefits in a single path or the other. A single perverse example is the Pennsylvania senatorial campaign among Republican Sen. Rick Santorum and Democratic challenger Bob Casey.


The embattled incumbent’s campaign has instructed donors to support Green Celebration candidate Carl Romanelli in his election bid. In some polls, Casey is ahead of Santorum by double digits, according to an write-up in Wednesday’s USA These days. Some polls, nonetheless, show the gap narrowing and Democrats fear that Romanelli will “siphon” votes away from Casey and let Santorum to be re-elected.


Santorum’s campaign hasn’t denied the help, with spokeswoman Virginia Davis saying that the campaign “encouraged these who inquired to assist with the Green Celebration work.” Davis went on to say that the campaign welcomes “Romanelli’s entry into the race because at least he’s expressed a actual interest in being up front and truthful about where he is on the issues.”


Spare us the spin, Ms. Casey. The Santorum campaign is supporting Romanelli because he might support Santorum win re-election, not because he’s expressing a real interest in becoming up front and sincere on problems. Democrats, even though pondering that they have a genuine complaint, ought to bite their proverbial tongues, due to the fact third party candidates have helped their embattled incumbents win Senate re-election several times in the past decade, according to the USA These days report written by Kathy Kiely.


In 1998, a Libertarian candidate helped Harry Reid of Nevada to win re-election. In 2000, Maria Cantwell of Washington held on simply because of a Libertarian candidate and in 2002, Tim Johnson’s reelection in South Dakota was influenced by a Libertarian candidate, according to Richard Winger, who monitors minor-celebration campaigns for his newsletter, Ballot Access News, who was quoted in Kiely’s post. Libertarian candidates generally take votes away from Republican candidates whilst Green candidates do the identical to Democrats.


Indirect influence of third party candidates in an election is ok, but all out supporting a third celebration candidate just shows how weak the incumbent is, in this case Santorum. If Santorum skipped the political bull and really ran on the problems, he would not have to help a third party candidate. Democrats shouldn’t cry foul, even so, simply because they would do the very same issue. It’s all about winning re-election, so something goes, including jumping across ideological lines.


Kathy Kiely. “Third candidates could tilt number of races.” USA Right now, Wednesday, September 6, 2006.


Kevin D. Roberts 2006 Graduate – University of Connecticut – B.A. Journalism/Political Science Torrington, CT 06790

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