Windpower two

A few nice global sourcing business images I found:

Windpower two

Image by Jasmic
I do not understand how the debate in the UK is nevertheless raging about these issues. &quotThey are ruining the landscape, they make noise blah blah blah&quot. For crying out loud, if we never sort out our difficulty with energy there will not be a damn landscape to look at.

One of the well-liked conceptions of Germans in the UK is that they are ultra efficient. I cannot believe that the Germans haven’t had the debate about how effective these wind turbines are, but we are nonetheless becoming told that they can’t make enough energy to warrant their being utilized as a critical alternative, that they kill birds, that Nuclear Energy is the only way to go. These are a blot on the landscape and a Nuclear Power station is not? What? Have we seriously got to the point exactly where we are now considering that Nuclear is a great thought once again? What PR company managed to slide that 1 previous absolutely everyone?

So why are wind turbines all more than Germany? I reside in a quite rural area 60 km north of Hannover, and they are all about me. I feel that they look amazing, and the wind getting harnessed as a supply of power is hardly a new concept…

See where this image was taken. [?]

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