The Past, Present and Future of VAT Reform in China

The Previous, Present and Future of VAT Reform in China
SHANGHAI — At the start off of 2012, China launched a massive reform to replace BT with VAT, two of the country&#39s 3 key indirect taxes. Prior to the reform, VAT was levied only on the sale and import of tangible goods and on the provision of …
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ArcelorMittal stands firm on its pricing model, says CEO
LOSS-making steel producer ArcelorMittal SA is not in a position to change its import parity pricing model in an environment of low productivity, higher electricity fees, and competitors from subsidised Chinese and Indian steel imports, says CEO Paul O …
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China-Brazil trade need to adjust to countries&#39 modernization
China has been Brazil&#39s biggest trade partner given that 2009 and Brazil is China&#39s ninth biggest trade partner worldwide and the biggest in Latin America. Even so, the development of bilateral trade is slowing down. In the 1st half of this year, export and …
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