Daily Necessities In China Trade Fair – China Ent Medicals Disposables – Medical Disposables

Daily Necessities In China Trade Fair – China Ent Medicals Disposables – Medical Disposables
“Guangzhou Department Store will be” beautiful turn around, “Guangzhou Family Show” Phoenix Nirvana
“China daily necessities Fair (‘department stores will be’)” is almost parallel with the circulation of commodities and has been successfully held over 100 sessions, is China’s planned economy, shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores and other major distribution channels of goods ordering. After the year 2000, “Department Store will be” held in Guangzhou began, to 2008 only, has been successfully held five sessions. In 2009, Guangzhou Department Store will be closed.
After almost a year of preparation, the original “Guangzhou Department Store will be” key members and more than 10 years of professional experience in exhibition services, re-formation of a new elite team. Show name as the “2010 King Shun home. Houseware Fair in Guangzhou environmental protection” and the operation of a whole new concept of “Family” exhibition, the exhibition of “environmental protection, health” as the Orientation to “Family Department Store Electrical Commodity “as the main range, discard the backward small articles of daily use, go professional, quality, internationalization of the road. To excellent products together, famous, fine department stores with the latest environmentally friendly household products to feature leading green consumer trend of home products to enhance the brand value of household goods, changes in consumption and purchasing trends in home products.
This “show” is scheduled for 17-19 May 2010 in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center (Guangzhou five-star exhibition) was held.

Family enterprises in Guangdong to support a “Family Fair in Guangzhou”
“Guangzhou Environmental Family Show” in the inheritance of the “Stores will be” the advantage of resources, for a lot of reform and innovation, “the Guangzhou Family Show” not only optimizes the display, while convex display characteristics and taste. Most companies want the Guangdong Family “Guangzhou Family Exhibition” in Guangzhou, a long winding a good brand effect event, as “Fair”, just like the door of the guests invited to do business, can be labor Yat, more with less.
From Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi, southern China provinces of merchants on the “Guangzhou Family Show” placed great expectations. They think: Guangdong closest, has always been an ideal sourcing, with the “Family Fair in Guangzhou”, you can visit the study correct, looking forward to the “Guangzhou Family Show” can give rise to more opportunities.

Stand-than-expected selling
According to organizers the person in charge: Despite the “Family Fair in Guangzhou,” the breeze of the time is not long, but Booth has sold nearly 7 percent, in addition to traditional department stores home goods brands outside the active participation of many new environmentally friendly household products into the show One bright spot, some products on display is the first time in China.
It is reported that from 2010, the exhibition will be held in Guangzhou, a long time to “show” for the drive, combined with associations, “household goods report,” the three major e-commerce platform for the construction and planning, to build China’s first large department store will be 2, 1 Great Green Family Development; relying on a strong flow of Guangdong, manufacturing, China trade, urban radiation and other advantages, to create the largest domestic China trade of Guangdong-based home goods department store display trading platform.

And art synchronization
China’s top arts events – from the Ministry of Culture, the Guangdong provincial government’s “Ninth Festival” scheduled for May 10, 2010 to 25 in Guangzhou, when the stars shining, nearly 120 arts teams from all over the country gathered in Guangzhou for a “national Wenhua Award” and “National Stars Award” of the race. Baiyun International Convention Center for the “Nine Arts Festival” in Guangzhou, the main venue.

“2010 gold along home environment Houseware Fair in Guangzhou”
And “Nine Arts Festival” was held with the same period, and art simultaneously, to build China’s first large department store will be 2, 1 large green home product development; relying on a strong flow of Guangdong, manufacturing, China trade, urban radiation and other advantages, for Guangdong the largest domestic China trade-based department store Family exhibition and China trade platform.

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