China to USA: How China Importing is Done

China to USA: How China Importing is Done

Fifty percent of the items within the Unites States are in fact imported from overseas. Probably the largest supplier is China. It’s no surprise that of more and more entrepreneurs are looking for ways on how to import from China to USA. If you plan jump into industry of importation, be sure to follow the step by step process.

Choosing Your China Imported Products

Before anything else, figure out what items you intend to bring in from China. Chinese products come in all shapes and sizes. But, Market research can help identify the goods worth importing. Through this process, you ensure that whatever you import is an absolute income-generator. Looking for the items is an easy task though. Price lists and China company information can be found on the internet.

Building a Relationship with Chinese Distributors

Now that you have identified what items to import, you can proceed with seeking suppliers. Build relationships when searching for providers. Contact each of them and tell them about your China company. Ask for information and narrow the list later based on your evaluation. Confirm and verify every little detail. Investigate if the China company is a main manufacturer or only a 3rd party supplier. There may be pros and cons concerning both. With manufacturers, they have a faster response in product development. Third-party suppliers on the other hand, have broader channels that can meet your other needs later on.

It’s always best to ask for product samples. This is a good way to evaluate the quality of the products they offer. But, be guided, payments and transaction costs may be required when requesting for merchandise samples. You might encounter some jargons so be acquainted with payment and shipping terms.

Projected Landing Cost

Having an estimate landing cost can save you a lot of headaches in the future. Landing cost is just the sum of the cost of the goods, transport costs, import duties, local transport costs, and cost of service providers. You might be surprised to find that there are hidden charges incurred throughout the import process. It’s more favorable to seek the assistance of an import management China company to aid in you mitigating costs. You can also employ a freight forwarder for a detailed break-down on the costs and assessment of business risks.

Discussing China Trade Terms with Product Providers

Prior to placing an order, you should negotiate and comprehend the trade terms with your provider. One of first things you should discuss is shipment terms. Payment terms come second. The most common arrangement involves paying 30% of the overall cost at time of order while the remaining 70% will be paid when the goods are shipped. The production process only begins once the down payment has been collected by the manufacturing China company. Arrangements can be made pertaining to these terms. China Import management companies can help you with negotiating.

Import Legislation within Your Country

Being the importer, you have to make sure that that your shipments observe all national regulatory specifications. So, be familiar with compliance regulations prior to even placing an order. Verify which government agencies or individuals regulate importation. Depending on the products, compliance issues may differ. If your merchandise is proven sub-standard, US customs officials will delay the releasing of your shipment. Also, there are corresponding duties when you import products from China if you want to US. Duties will vary depending on the products you import.

Checking the Quality of Your China Import Goods

There is a multitude of ways to assure the quality of the product you will be importing. There are China inspection companies you can hire to evaluate the goods during production stage. They can provide you a detailed report but it is helpful to give them the details on what to check. China Inspection is usually done a few days prior on to the items shipment of the items. Through this process, faulty items can be replaced or reproduced by the provider.

Receiving Your China Import Merchandise

If you contracted a customs broker, he or she should tend to the transportation and customs clearance. If some of the documents are lacking or incorrect, you have to submit the revised version before you can claim the imported products. Once these things are cleared, you can now receive the items legally. Always keep the documents related to the transaction. Finally, it’s time on to sell your imported items and generate income!


I offer information on how to import from China to USA. With my method, you can acquire products that are of good quality at very affordable prices. I have connections with various manufacturers where you can directly purchase and save cost.

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