International Fabrics & Accessories China Sourcing Fair -Dhaka!!!

International Fabrics & Accessories China Sourcing Fair -Dhaka!!!

Annual event of fabrics and accessories will be holding in Dhaka for three days from 12th to 15th January, 2011. The fair is aimed at addressing the needs of exporters and manufacturers of fabrics in Bangladesh. If you take Dhaka flights and join this event you will be coming across a complete range of fabrics and accessories including; thread, fabric, buttons, studs, zippers, fasteners, laces, ribbons, embroidery and more. It comes to know the attendees as well as designers the latest trends in the manufacturing and designing of the fabric. Although it will be organized at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, in Dhaka, but will be attended by visitors from other parts of the country as well as from other countries.


It will be proving many opportunities for the extension of business of fabrics in the country. If you take your flights to Dhaka you will be getting an opportunity to meet people belonging to almost all the branches of textile manufacturing there including; knitting, printing & dyeing, finishing, industrial associations, washing/ cleaning processing, accessories manufacturing, chemical fibers, industrial textiles/ non-woven fabrics, interior decorations, finished garments, Spinning, weaving, trade marks, and textile machinery production. The gathering of all these people at one place will provide them many opportunities to combine their businesses and get benefited. Thus those getting into city taking flights to Dhaka are taking their first step towards the betterment of their textile business.


Dhaka is famous all over the globe for its Khadi fabric that is no doubt a specialty product of Bangladesh’s domestic industry. Foreigners coming to the region love to purchase and wear this fabric. At International Fabrics & Accessories China Sourcing Fair one can get some of the finest khadi fabrics.



If you are interested in fabric and cloth designing you should take cheap Dhaka flights and join this event to get more ideas about fabric designing and getting knowledge of different ways of textile production as well as manufacturing. Most of the people in the country are related to agriculture either directly or indirectly and a significant number of those are employed in fabrics work. If you are foreign to Bangladesh and are taking flights to Dhaka from UK or somewhere else must purchase some of the finest Bangladeshi hand made or machine made fabrics either from locals or at International Fabrics & Accessories China Sourcing Fair at Dhaka.

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