2005 China International Industry Fair Parade

2005 China International Industry Fair Parade

International Industrial Equipment Fair successfully held in the Sports Center. More than 200 famous enterprises home and abroad, 800 variety of high-tech products, attracting a large number of customers and many of the media’s eye. Exhibition opening day audience of about 10,000 visited the exhibition, a four-day cumulative audience of about 25,000 people.

  CPPCC Standing Committee, China Machinery Industry Federation chairman Yu Zhen, China Machinery Industry Federation Secretary-General of the Qing RB, Jiangsu Province, Xu Hanwen Honorary President of Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province Agricultural Machinery Secretary, Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province Chee Soon Juan, the pleasure to attend the meeting and wrote an inscription for the exhibition. Wuxi Leadership Mao Xiaoping, Zhou made the root, Lu Rongde, talking about school tomorrow, so I handle it with more than 70 Chinese and foreign guests attended the opening ceremony. In the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, Wuxi Machinery Industry Association, Guo-Liang and Ji-Mei Chang, Jong-seok Chang, Cao Fengde Union leaders and other higher-level, accompanied by Members, guests visited the exhibition together. After the visit, Yu Zhen, Wuxi, president of the local media should be invited, gave a speech on the success of this exhibition and the rapid development of Wuxi machinery industry spoke highly of. “Industrial Equipment Exhibition” by the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, and engaged the China Machinery Industry Federation, Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province is co-sponsored by the Wuxi Municipal Economic Chinese Trading Committee, Federation of Machinery Industry, Wuxi, Wuxi auto industry associations and professional exhibition companies, the undertaker.

The “Industrial Equipment Exhibition”, highlight the new class of technology products industry at home and abroad, famous product features, Electrical Instrument integration products. DYNA companies from the United States CNC machine tools From Japan Makino Milling Machine China Company, South Korea’s Daewoo cars from other parts processing center, from Germany Siemens Inverter, multi-color offset press from Heidelberg, Germany, from Singapore Mini cars Bed, from the Israeli promise excellent magnetic table frame, spray device, 3 mm from France the following micro-cutter, reamer, high speed steel from Italy Saw From Japan Mitsubishi , Toshiba Special blade from Sandvik of Sweden Tools Knives and other specialty products abroad, dominate in their respective fields. Wuxi local businesses FAW International advanced level XiChai CA6DL Aowei Diesel engine , Weifu Group to Euro Standard Automotive fuel injection system, the world’s largest capacity Huaguang boiler environment-friendly Waste heat furnace, Wuxi Cable Plant and the Far East for the Three Gorges Project Corporation EHV cables, tin pump company for “Xiaolangdi Project” and ” South “Project pumps, Wuxi Compressor China Company for “natural gas” stations and ” Shenzhou “Experimental spacecraft dedicated compressors also show shine. Exhibition boutique atmosphere, and the level of excellent, was for many years in Wuxi Machinery and equipment Largest ever exhibition.

Exhibition exhibitors from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Yunnan, Hubei, Guizhou, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong, Hebei, Sichuan, Anhui, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other domestic 18 provinces , city, region. Exhibits from the United States, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Korea, Italy, Israel, France and other 8 countries. Participation of various types of industrial machine tools equipped, Mold And processing equipment; electrical appliances, Apparatus Meter And electronic products; Petrochemical General Machinery , Air conditioning , HVAC equipment; packaging Print , Plastic, Rubber Machinery; Hydraulic pressure , Pneumatic, Bearing , Etc. Components ; Weld Equipment and Storage Logistics Equipment; industrial software, design, research and seven categories, more than 300 series, nearly a thousand varieties. One CNC equipment accounted for more than 80%. The exhibition area of nearly 10,000 square meters, more than 400 booths. 208 exhibiting companies.

Concern is that this exhibition, in addition to Chinese and foreign well-known China manufacturers, but also to attract the “mold”, “Material Business”, “rubber industry,” “polyethylene plastic China Sourcing Wind”, “Asia-Pacific printing industry” in China machine tool business network, China Plastic Mould Network, Chinese mechanical net mechanical trading network in China, the central control network, and many other print media and internet media are also to set up exhibition exhibition stall. Material Information Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, Guangdong trade wind Advertising , Etc. Public Media companies have joined the ranks of exhibitors. Adding a large number of media, shows that China (Wuxi) International Industrial Equipment Fair, has been very well known.

The exhibition, exhibitors in addition to showing business names, excellent, unique, new products, enterprise image show, the same cooperation to carry out business negotiations, on-site activities such as fairs exhibitors sample.

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