A CDC for the Internet could help cut down on misbehavior

A CDC for the Internet could help cut down on misbehavior
In recent days it was reported that Chinese intruders have stolen medical records for 4.5 million patients and that customer names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses and payment card information were breached at 51 United Parcel Service stores between …
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Hydroelectric Power Damaging World Rivers, Study Shows
Critics like International Rivers have also complained that China was unable to resettle the 1.4 million people displaced by the dam. In Brazil, along the Amazon tributaries of Para state, private … It has met with protest since the Brazilian …
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CCL acquisition drives up Li & Fung logistics revenue
The acquisition of huge non-vessel-owning common carrier China Container Line (CCL) in the first half by Li & Fung reaped immediate rewards for the global sourcing giant, which saw its logistics sector operating profit leap by 31 percent in the first …
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Climate professors and Rick Scott's sphinxian agenda
One only wishes the governor's staff had introduced contrarian charts produced by the National Oceanographic and Astmospheric Agency — NOAA — which indicate something slightly less than a rise of 0.09 inches per year since 1913. … someone sitting …
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