Nice Buy China Goods photos

A few nice buy china goods images I found:

Hong Kong #33 prescan

Image by Thomas Birke
I found this one in an old film holder, and just recently developed it. I shot it in Hong Kong during March 2009.
It is the view of my room in a Chungking Mansion Hostel in the last building on the left on the 16th floor. It was a single room for 20€ a night – very good value for Hong Kong.
The composition has not been chosen with intent, but was dictated by the small window which I had to unscrew to open it fully. Not having a tripod head didn’t help either.

But I totally love the chaos and the organic feel. I would be happy if I could make these kind of images for the rest of my life. Just don’t know if anybody would ever buy this, except from myself.

I uploaded this one a little bigger, at 25MPix – take your time and explore it a bit. Just check out the lovely rooftop garden – like a paradise island amidst the eternal chaos.

become a fan on facebook and see behind the scenes shots:

Grabbing Dinner in Beijing

Image by Stuck in Customs
I had decided to eat out on the streets, since there seemed to be such a variety. The real reason might have been there was this guy with a giant vat of fresh unagi (eel) which happens to be my favorite. I bought enough to feed a small family and ate it while I marched around with my camera, looking for a good spot for the shot.



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