Lastest China Sourcing International News

Ghana's handicrafts get major demand at New York Exhibition
It has offered a professional sourcing avenue for them to present their handicraft export product collections and custom artisan production capabilities at export terms. On display at Ghana's Pavillions are interesting high quality wooden accent … To …
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You know things must be bad in Venezuela when the government plans to
Hernandez adds that for PDVSA, Venezuela's state-owned oil company, to cover its production costs, it would need to set pump prices 25 times higher. And to make up for not selling at international market rates, it would need to make them 60 times higher.
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The Observer Interviews Naomi Wolf on the War in Israel and Gaza
I send this to note that reporting on a conversation that Harvard also acknowledges seems to me solid journalism and far from marginal sourcing. An Ivy … I support, though I am extremely reluctant to make a policy proscription in such a difficult …
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