'Made in China' in the eyes of African businessman

ZarkoDrincic – Good bye!

Image by Zarko Drincic
This is the end of Flickr time for me…I have some goals to achieve and I must be focused on my work. Thank you all for your frienship and nice words! I’ll be around, but no more photos…Good luck!!!!!!!!

'Made in China' in the eyes of African businessman
A prominent African businessman in Beijing has described Chinese products to be as good as others produced in the developed world. Stephen Ketu, general manager of Tianjin Able China Imports and Export Chinese Trading and Shipping China Company, says Chinese goods …
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China Touts Its China Importance In Brazil
Four years ago, China became Brazil's leading trading partner, surpassing the U.S.. So far this year, Brazilian companies, led by commodities exporters, shipped $ 28 billion worth of goods to China compared to $ 20 billion to the U.S. The two BRIC …
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