Cool Production China Sourcing images

A few nice production China sourcing images I found:

Mutdang Aerospace Fighters [Main]

Image by Joriel “Joz” Jimenez
The "Mutdang" Aerospace Superiority Fighter
Whilst Jozcorp Industries was focusing on building aerospace craft, such as the Elwood Shuttle and the now defunct CarryAll program, to help mobilize the Commonwealth’s peace keeping forces, engineers and executives of an allied organisation addressed the need protect assets in the air and in space.

With the advanced technology of the Aerospace Drive Pod the allied organisation presented the base design to the Commander In Chief of the CPKF. "Gemini Fighters". The CPKF commanders were quite impressed with what they saw in its design and how the two prototypes performed. The first words mumbled at the unveiling was "Mutdang" – meaning: "Very Very Impressive – we’ll take it please".

The new name stuck from that moment onwards.

"…it’s light weight… …maneuverable – check out them thrusters… and seemingly cheap to produce…"

"…the colour scheme was right… …we have some components already…."

They were black.

"…flies into the air AND space!"

The Mutdang Fighter gives CPKF Flight Groups protection and an edge in the air and
performance in space. It’s versatility allows it to operate offensively and defensively with a wide range. More importantly it accommodates it’s pilot quite comfortably.

"…I can sit up, read the avionic systems, look out the window, rest my head and sing along to White Lines…"

"…the add-on potential was jaw-dropping…" Jozcorp engineers were very impressed as the prototype demonstrated an assault system called "Harvest". This particular system was never made for CPKF. The main production line (blue canopies) is fitted with what is simply called Primary Assault Load Out (PALO) which is an integrated weapon system that has dual power China sourcing capacities (on the weapons themselves and from the energy in the Aerospace Drive Pod).

Two other variants (II & III) are in service at Cameron Base, as well as a monument.

The single seat Mutdang Fighters continue to perform aerospace support across all CPKF arenas. It has shown effective air-ground support for the Rangers and co-ordinated actions with Fatso APC’s, air-space support for the marines, aerospace support for the Arky Skylighter

Space Police & Origins
The base design stemmed from an evolved Space Police Galactic Peace Keeper (set 6886, released 1989).

Co-incidence with the name of the 6886. I just called it the Space Police Prison Pod
ship when I was growin’ up.

My allied organization cut all the blue bits out of it, made it black slapped an
engine cylinder pod on the back and slimmed it down with some SNOT building.

"How do I pronounce ‘mutdang’?" Try this.

What are the windshields, Where’d they come from?
Here’s the Peeron inventory listing.

My Brother, Steve’s Farm / Pefferlaw, Ontario / Thanksgiving, 2008 / Leghorns

Image by bill barber
My brother, Stephen Pallett, has farmed near the south shore of Lake Simcoe for close to fifty years: poultry, pigs, beef and an assortment of field crops. Over the years he has served as an area councillor and was on the board of the conservation authority. Currently, he is vice president of the Red Barn Theatre in Jackson’s Point, and also serves as chair for the committee of adjustment for the Town of Georgina. Another of his activities has been the annual bird count.……

From my set entitled” Steve and Marg’s Farm”
In my collection entitled “The Palletts”……
In my photostream

The Story of Pefferlaw
Reproduced from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pefferlaw is a community within the Town of Georgina, located 3 kilometres south of the southeastern shores of Lake Simcoe and in the eastern end of the town. A river, known officially as the Pefferlaw River, runs just south of the community’s commercial district. Pefferlaw is passed on the north by Highway 48 and Lake Ridge Road (Durham Road 23) to the east, and is serviced by Pefferlaw Road which links these two traffic arteries. Area code 905 is bounded to the west and to the south, but Pefferlaw remains in the 705 area code. The Canadian National railway passes through Pefferlaw and, until the early 1990s, served a train station in the community’s commercial district. This railway links Toronto with Orillia, as well as Northern Ontario with VIA Rail transcontinental trains heading to Vancouver.

The town is largely centered around the Pefferlaw Dam, blocking the Pefferlaw River. The dam is operated by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. Pefferlaw’s commercial district lies just north of the dam, and features a supermarket, hotel, youth centre, automobile service station, Canada Post office, medical centre with pharmacy, Liquor Control Board of Ontario retail store, and a branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The town features several public facilities operated by the Town of Georgina, including a public library completed in 1989, community centre, fire station, and a large multi-use park. The York Region District School Board operates Morning Glory Public School, an elementary school 5 minutes north of town on Highway 48.
Pefferlaw is primarily situated in a forest setting. Farmlands are to the west, the northwest and the north. More farmlands are east of Lake Ridge Road and Pefferlaw. The forests are almost connected with the forests south of Sutton. The forests cover most of the area around Pefferlaw and to the south with a few farmlands as well as within the shoreline of Lake Simcoe. The forests are mainly composed of pine and other varieties of trees and the size is about 600 to 700 square kilometres and about 60% of the area around Pefferlaw.

Pefferlaw is located about 13 kilometres southwest of Beaverton, about 15 kilometres east of Sutton, and about 45 kilometres south of Orillia. It is 37 kilometres west of Lindsay, 23 kilometres north of Uxbridge, about 50 kilometres north of Whitby, about 90 kilometres northeast of Toronto, and 40 kilometres northeast of the nearest major commercial centre and seat of York Region, Newmarket.

Captain William Johnson, a retired naval officer from Scotland settled in Pefferlaw in 1819. Johnson chose the name Pefferlaw after a field on the old Homestead – it means "a beautiful hills". Retirement soon turned to industry, as Captain Johnson built a sawmill, woollen mill and gristmill in the recently settled area.

With the help of his brother Robert, Captain Johnson built the first Pefferlaw store in 1833. Although many of the original buildings have since been replaced, indications of Pefferlaw’s historic past are clearly evident today.

Post Processing: slight posterization

2008 Ag Progress Days 002

Image by pennstatenews
Biodiesel fuel produced from a variety of plants and seeds promises a cleaner and renewable source of energy for the farm.


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