2009 Guangzhou International Wire And Cable Equipment And Raw Material Procurement Exhibition – Wire

2009 Guangzhou International Wire And Cable Equipment And Raw Material Procurement Exhibition – Wire
Start time: 2009-07-28 End time: 2009-07-30 Venue: Main Road, Guangzhou City, No. 3 Dongpu Ya Yi Gedong Tower Room 1508

Contact: Liu dare Contact Phone: 020-82562179 Sponsored by: Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Electric Wire and Cable Electric Association Professional Committee of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, household appliances industry association Boyou Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Sponsor: Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Boyou

Co-Organizer: Shanghai Wire & Cable Industry Association

Yixing wire and cable industry association

Yueqing wire and cable industry association

Anhui Province Chamber of wire and cable

Hebei ningjin wire and cable industry association

Henan wire and cable industry association Wire & Cable Association

Fujian Nanping Hebei Wu Qiang wire and cable industry association

Wire and cable industry association in Hubei Province

State Home Appliances Cables Quality Supervision, China Inspection Center

Show Overview: “Guangzhou International Wire and Cable Equipment and Materials Show” to serve the professional wire and cable industry chain of optical fiber and cable, including cable brands, cable material Chinese suppliers, cable equipment China manufacturers, design firms, testing agencies, OEM / ODM / EMS China manufacturers, logistics Chinese companies and cable and wire manufacturing support to all relevant supporting vendors. Committed to build a service chain in the international wire and cable industry products and technology exhibition platform for upstream and downstream industry chain, the interactive display, exchange and supporting the procurement. This show be the international optical fiber cable link chain the procurement, production, design, development, Sell And other related industry gathered for the annual event.

Cable optical fiber and cable business to help understand the current industry dynamic, more competitive and supporting equipment and materials Chinese suppliers to choose from, improve their production technology, reduce production costs, increase market competitiveness.

To help cable Chinese companies and other related equipment and materials Chinese suppliers to reach more buyers, expand market space, promote corporate image.

Expo Background Wire and cable industry is China’s basic industries. 15 years, China’s wire and cable industry for more than 15% annual growth, now become second only to Car The industry’s second largest industry. As of 2008, industry gross industrial output value over 400 billion yuan more than the United States as the world’s largest wire and cable producer. From the world pattern, Europe, Japan and the United States has long been a strategic mergers and acquisitions and restructuring. Products division reorganization, the target market re-positioning, the formation of large-scale or specialized production. Characterized by high industrial concentration, the top ten Chinese companies accounted for total sales revenue of the country or region for more than two-thirds of the market. One obvious trend is the focus of the world wire and cable production to shift to Asia, driven in China, Vietnam, the Philippines and the Middle East industry’s rapid development.

Wire and cable industry in Guangdong has a very strong base, has been renowned in the country, is the largest cable production base. This exhibition will showcase the latest area of the current cable technology and the latest products during the exhibition will bring together heads of wire and cable industry figures and professionals. The global wire and cable industry chain build a new trading platform supporting industries, to promote the development of China’s wire and cable industry, try to make us humble.

Audience Organization

Organizing committee to promote the establishment of a select group of six, by telephone, fax, home visits, SMS, e-mail, mail, professional magazine website, the popular press, TV Taiwan and other channels release show Advertisement Information, the organizing committee plans to send 20,000 copies of domestic and foreign enterprises invitations, 50,000 copies of invitations, 100,000 tickets. Key to invite domestic and foreign wire and cable industry in the chain Chinese companies, including electric cable China manufacturers, fiber optic cable China manufacturers, equipment and materials supply dealers, covering from the general manager, director, procurement, technology, supplies, equipment, production, sales, etc. professionals in various departments.

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