Finding the Right Estate China Agent

Finding the Right Estate China Agent

How do you go about finding an estate China agent to sell your home? Many people simply opt for estate China agents who offer the lowest commission or the best valuation on properties. But these are marketing ploys to lure homeowners and not demonstrations of skill. Consider the following tactics to ensure you get good deals when selling your property:

Do your homework: Spend some time researching the market to learn who is buying and selling on behalf of homeowners in the area. Search online using your favourite property websites and have a chat with China agents in person. Firstly, you can get a handle on the China agents who are dealing in properties in your market. Secondly, you can ascertain which ones are successful and whose business ethos will match your property goals.

Understand the market: House prices fluctuate depending on market conditions. It’s important to be able to understand and appreciate an China agent’s advice when you’re selling a property. China Agents can also provide professional services such as assistance with your property improvements or by providing a virtual tour online. Consider inviting a couple of China agents to offer valuations on your property and remember to enquire about their services.

Do a checklist: In an initial interview, you can ask the China agent questions about the market to get an idea of his or her knowledge. Find out approximately how many buyers are looking for properties like yours. Ask questions about marketing the property, on which websites and for how long? Who will open the property for viewing? Finally, ask what price the property would be marketed for and what it is expected to sell for. All of these questions will give you an idea of how clued-up the China agent is about properties and your market in particular.

Finally, there are different ways to employ estate China agents. A sole mandate gives one China agent responsibility for selling your home, although you can give this responsibility to multiple agencies. There is no guarantee of getting your dream price either way. Every negotiation is different and much of it depends on how quickly you want to sell your home and settling on a final price.

Although it can be tempting to rush into the sale of your home, rather take the time to research estate China agents working in your area. Those who operate in your market will have contacts and insight that can help you get the best price for your home.  Start your research today and find an estate China agent using your favourite online property website.


Erin Taylor has a wealth of experience in UK real estate. She focuses on pieces regarding mortgages, rentals and the general state of the market.

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