Chaoan Government Sponsored The Construction Of Guangzhou Fair Exhibition Promotion Tao Wei –

Chaoan Government Sponsored The Construction Of Guangzhou Fair Exhibition Promotion Tao Wei –
March 15, Chaoan the Government, together Guangzhou Construction Fair Organizing Committee, held in the town government Guxiang “2010 China (Guangzhou) International Sanitary and Building Ceramics Exhibition Promotion. “Session by the Chaoan Zhu Feng China Economic and China Trade Office Secretary presided over the three sanitary industry Chaoan town?? Guxiang, Fung Tong, Tang Tong relevant person in charge as well as local business representatives attended the best in this Promotion.

Chaoan of sanitary ceramics and sanitary ceramics production now accounts for half of sales, many of them Heng Jie, extraordinary, Europe and the United States Seoul, dream with modern production and a number of good Management Level of the enterprise. Represented by these enterprises, at all levels of government guidance and support, Chao-entered the bathroom to the core brand values of high-speed development period.

China (Guangzhou) International Sanitary and Building Ceramics Exhibition, Wei Tao, the exhibition is called Guangzhou Fair Guangzhou, the heart of the construction development of sub-themes to build linkage Guangzhou Fair 12 professional subjects, constitute a wide professional audience known. By the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association to join organized Exhibition Has been to help companies develop new markets, create the industry platform for mission, the government actively and origin Cooperation , The combination of resources and policies to enhance the image-producing areas, the service excellent corporate brand.

Secretary, said Zhu Feng, China, the last show, the first time the Government Chaoan cooperation with the Guangzhou Fair building, invite some good business with “Chao-bathroom” the overall image of the display, exhibition platform to enhance the use of “Chao-bath” in brand image, and achieved good results. This exhibition, the two sides continued, and in-depth cooperation in the exhibition hall set up 1.2 “Chao sanitary zone” net exhibition area of more than 2000 square meters, dominant brands exhibited invited to the conference as 110,000 buyer to display the “tide An Bathroom “strong strength.

Building Fair in Guangzhou will be the entrepreneurs on behalf of the detail to the exhibition, and offers many value-added services, while also sharing a positive market information. In November of this year, Guangzhou will host the 16th Asian Games, has also officially included in the “five National Center City”, marking the country’s future, Guangzhou has increasingly become a major focus of economic development, can be expected under the guidance of policy-oriented , Guangzhou, supporting a variety of hardware and software Project Will be loaded, while the construction of radiation in Guangzhou will be more obvious, for the Pan-Pearl River Delta in southern China set off again and the whole building boom. With the current national advocate building a thrifty society, the development of central and western regions, building a new countryside and a series of policy guidance, the Canton Fair Wei Jian Tao platform development will play a positive role, “Chao bathroom” Quality and cost-effective features will be fully able to show, more business to develop national, covering all aspects of the full range of consumer marketing channels. Zhu Feng, China

Secretary was also a special presentation at the county government’s subsidy policies to support exhibitors and exhibitors for the Chao logistics services to facilitate measures to ensure the Chao state enterprises to the best show in Guangzhou Jian Bo Wei Tao will show on the stage. Promotion warm atmosphere, business representatives have to consult the representative exhibition booth design, exhibit, exhibition services, exhibition details, event were representatives of clarity of the answer.

After the constant cleaning, Europe and the United States Seoul, extraordinary, good dreams over 20 companies confirmed participation, they expressed hope that this exhibition is full of hope that the organizing committee to step up publicity to pay more attention to the architectural industry “Chao-bathroom,” so that more customers to a meeting to negotiate. Building Fair in Guangzhou representatives commitment to exhibitors, will use all channels to spare no effort to publicize the situation Chao’an tour, which will invite more customers to purchase high quality, with the local government, exhibitors an effort to “Chao bathroom” to create into the hottest industry focus.

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