Electricity Energy Conservation China Inspection Starts Next Month – China Portable Hardness Testing

Electricity Energy Conservation China Inspection Starts Next Month – China Portable Hardness Testing
National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Supervision, Ministry of Environmental Protection, State Electricity Regulatory Commission, National Energy Board and other six departments jointly issued the weekend “on the immediate organization of a national electricity price China inspection notice”, decided to June 1st nationwide from saving energy and electricity prices were killed. In response, industry experts believe that the price China inspection, will promote energy-intensive enterprises to change their mode of development.
Under the “notice” China inspections include: local governments and their departments in violation of state policies and regulations, does not perform or delay the implementation of high energy-consuming industries on the calcium carbide differential pricing policy, allowed to formulate and implement preferential rates on energy-intensive enterprises behavior in order to power users and power producers to deal directly disguised the name of bilateral China trade of high energy-consuming enterprises or industrial parks preferential tariff acts. “Notice” requirement, local governments and their departments to be on June 10 to stop the implementation of the high energy consumption enterprises and industrial parks of various tariff concessions ultra vires, ultra vires the relevant documents must be immediately abolished. Grid enterprises at all levels must follow state regulations, starting from June 1 on the implementation of the new high energy-consuming industries differentiated pricing policy.
Notice, “emphasized that all there is no time limit to correct its own preferential rates for high-consuming business areas will be open communication, monitoring authorities will hold the head of the executive leadership and administrative responsibilities. The electricity Chinese companies are not required strict implementation of national differences in electricity price, electricity price and sulfur price policy, in addition to confiscation of all illegal income prices, but also imposed a fine of up to 5 times.
According to the Ministry of Industry and the latest data showed the first 4 months of this year, industrial consumption 957.5 billion kwh, up 27% (accounting for 73.2% of social consumption), the major energy-intensive industries than power base by the same period last year low-impact growing rapidly.
In response, the State Development and Reform Commission and other departments have recently issued a circular notice, the cancellation of chlor-alkali, calcium carbide, polysilicon high energy-consuming enterprises in electricity price, continue to calcium carbide, alkali, yellow phosphorus and other industries the differential power price policy, and further improve the price difference between the standard fare.
May 24, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Sun Weishan told CCIN interview that since last year, as China’s economy has gradually picked up some high energy, high emission industries rapid growth, some have been out of the backward resurgence of productivity, energy intensity decreased by a slowdown or even fall to rise, energy saving is very grim. The price of high energy-consuming industries China inspection, an unprecedented effort, the petrochemical industry by a number of high energy consumption enterprises upward pressure on operating costs, will be changing products or even close down.

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