The Green Mire by MadPea Productions, Grantville (109, 93, 21) – General

Check out these production sourcing images:

The Green Mire by MadPea Productions, Grantville (109, 93, 21) – General

Image by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓
Visit this location at The Green Mire by MadPea Productions in Second Life

Historical Oil Production by Region, 1965 to Present

Image by Digital Dreams
This chart shows the historical oil production – 1965 onwards.


Tesla Model S Deliveries

Image by jurvetson
They begin on Friday, as you may have heard on NPR this morning.

So I found it particularly surreal after the NPR interview when my car’s web browser defaults to the site, and there is a picture of this very car the day before it went to the paint shop…. with a countdown clock to the official customer ship date and test drive tour.

Below that is a google map view, with live traffic updates. It’s a bit surreal to drive with satellite view zoomed in to the max. You can see the parking lot and nearby environs in a way that is so much more contextually interesting than a desktop big screen.

Another interesting cloud service is the album art display (here seen to the right of the speedometer, but normally on the big screen for me). No matter what the music source (radio, satellite, internet from overseas or personalized channels, bluetooth from your phone, or as in this case, MP3s on a thumb drive in one of the USB ports), the car sends a music sample for sound recognition and fetches a high-res image of the album art and the song’s metadata, so the song process bar and title are part of the display.


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