Nice China Products China Import photos

Check out these china products China import images:

From an (almost) Whinging Pom

Image by theirhistory
For those who like Australian Liquorice, a good assortment is China imported into England.
I should have looked at the label a little closer. A map of Australia, a kangaroo, and an Australian sounding brand name.
However the other clue I should have taken more notice of was "Australian Style".
As to the origin of the item. "PRODUCT OF CHINA".
O.K. I will look a little closer next time.
But if they ever make a version of Vegimite or AussieMite, WW3 will start.
As to the rival product
To the lovers of Marmite,
Canadian customs are confiscating jars when they enter the country, they claim the extra vitamins are against their laws. The real reason is they need quantities to spread along the border, to keep non Canadians out, works much better than a barbed wire fence.
All three products should be eaten in the same way (instructions for a right-handed person). Take the jar in your left hand, remove the lid with your right, take your right index finger and dip into the contents, remove, lick your finger, repeat until you have lost all taste in your mouth, put lid back on, repeat the following day.
Note from the UK to our former colonies, any chance of a few food parcels, we’ve eaten the ones you sent us in 1945.


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