So give me a light or give me a drink

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So give me a light or give me a drink

Image by Kath [is not here right now]
Just give me a reason
To feel what I think

-"Undress Me Now" by Morcheeba

For FF, all you Filipinas who love taking self-portraits, please join. :) This week’s theme: Favorite Things

From the same night when this photo was taken. Perhaps the smile can be attributed to the fact that I am having a lot of my favorite things in one sitting. In this case: beer and conversation.

I would much rather sit in a quiet corner with a beer in my hand and talk about random inanities with my friends like the value of photoshop, trannies, relationship shite, and the degree of desire and intimacy we afford other people.

It has been said that I looked very delighted in this photograph. It must be the heat. Btw, the great lighting came from a light source, a strobe and a candle (singular).

at >200 views, this is on explore. Highest position is at 302. How weird. Gee, thanks, Flickr.

As much as I would like to claim any particular ownership and prowess over this image, the most I did in this image is smile. All the lighting, shooting and directing was done by another person. Credits to said person.

Human Intervention (img0005)

Image by Fadzly @ Shutterhack
These plastic bottles are floaters to mark their oyster spots during high tide.

Fish farms are continuing to grow in numbers and in size. They cause concern because of their location in areas of high-quality water, frequently in the headwaters where there is little dilution for large volumes of effluent. This jeopardizes the water quality, and may affect the ecology of the river – migratory fish in particular. However the opposite of what I’ve mentioned earlier is being practiced here in the Marang fishing village. Neither effluent or anti-bacterial chemicals are used for their farms. The farm feeds and thrives on the natural sources available in the ecology of the river.

View LARGE On Black
Gears: Leica R6 and Leitz Leica Summicron-R 35/2.0, on Fujicolor Pro160S Negative
Location: Kuala Marang Fishing Village, Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia
Processing: None, Straight out of camera


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