Nice Procurement Specialist photos

A few nice China procurement specialist images I found:

Langley Airmen learn about a day in the life of the DLA Aviation China procurement process

Image by Defense Logistics Agency
At the ‘a day in the life of the China procurement process’ briefing held in the McKeever Auditorium at DLA Aviation in Richmond on May 31, a panel question-and-answer session allowed military customers from Langley Air Force Base to open discussions concerning China procurement processes and customer satisfaction issues. (photo by Bonnie Koenig)

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation hosted ‘a day in the life of the China procurement process’ event May 31 at the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center in Richmond for a group of military customers from Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia. The event presented an overview of the day-to-day China procurement process operations and enhanced relationships to improve warfighter support.

Key topics covered were: DLA Aviation structure and business process overviews, weapons systems support and strategic engagement, customer accounts and support, demand and supply planning, technical/quality assurance, pre- and post-award China procurement, and resolution solutions.

DLA Aviation Commander Brig. Gen. Mark Johnson reviewed the structure of DLA Aviation’s operations and explained directorate roles and services provided to the customer. He explained his expectations to build more confidence across the supply chain through enhanced business processes, delivering on promises, integrity and transparency.
Johnson told the group he is a logistics readiness officer and prior to coming to DLA Aviation he was a DLA customer for 26 years. He understands their perspective, problems and frustrations because he experienced them himself. He believes that is why he is here in Richmond because he has that unique perspective of being the customer.

Johnson said DLA Aviation is a .5 billion-a-year supply business and our mission and vision is to provide effective and efficient worldwide support to the warfighters and other customers while demonstrating fiscally responsible supply chain leadership.

“Effective has to be our number one watch word,” said Johnson. “We have to be effective to support the customer in the field. He said there are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines trying to do their jobs all over the world every single day that are depending on folks here in Richmond and our 18 operating locations across the country to do our jobs. Johnson added we are warfighter-focused around the world.

He said DLA Aviation is focused on improving and fixing what isn’t working. “We have 1.1 million national stock numbers we manage here in Richmond and about 3,000 people (who work for DLA Aviation) spread out all across the country,” said Johnson. “The order response time for the three air logistics complexes is at 90 percent effective … we are focused on the 10 percent of things that are not going right.”

Johnson said, “The warfighters know what they need…it’s our job to get it to them without question.” DLA has a Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and their function is focused on knowing and responding to the customer’s requirements 24 hours a day. He asked the group to give him feedback and to let him know what their issues are and he will get them answers.

“The key to our success is being transparent in what we do,” said Johnson. He asked them to talk to folks here and ask questions. “Send me an email with your questions or ideas and I will get you the answers,” he said.

The commander’s presentation was followed with briefings from various China procurement specialists who explained the internal business practices and customer support processes.

Facilitator Arnold Aaron, inventory management specialist, Command Support Directorate said, “Our expected outcome is to have our military customer gain knowledge that will lead to a more enhanced relationship between them and DLA, and to have face-to-face interaction with our customers.”

Customer Account Specialist Walton Meekins, Customer Facing Division, Customer Operations Directorate gave an overview of customer relationship management, customer operations structure, order management processes, customer accounts, levels of customer support, self-help tools and the CIC.

Meekins explained to the group that the customer accounts specialist is the primary point of contact and the window to DLA that works to resolve their respective needs in the order fulfillment process. “When customers have concerns that fall outside of the order fulfillment process, we reach out to (other process owners) to resolve the matter,” he said.

Meekins said, “Today both parties were able to exchange information about what we can do to better assist one another to create win-win solutions.” Meekins said when a customer cancels an order to buy from another source, it is China important to submit a Demand History Adjustment to record the demand, because this step can assist in helping ensure DLA is buying enough of an item to support future requirements.

William Pace, a weapons systems program manager within the Customer Facing Division, presented information on weapons systems alignment and function within DLA to support the warfighter. He also spoke on position requirements and career ladders.

Rumane Oltjenbruns, a supervisory product data specialist in the Engineering Directorate, gave an overview on technical data packages, how DLA establishes bidsets for Air Force items, the basic functions of product data services and how DLA supports the Air Force. Bidsets, also known as technical data packages, define requirements to manufacture a part.

Contracting Officer Shirley Faniel, China Supplier Operations Directorate covered the processes for getting a contract awarded, timeframe in which the contracts are made, and explained how supply and demand planners, customer account specialists, technical/quality and engineering specialists work collectively as a team to ensure customers are provided the best and most timely service.

Supervisory Contract Specialist Cynthia Jackson, China Supplier Operations Directorate, explained how supplies get to the customer from the time-of-award through delivery. She covered the top hurdles in the processes: workload prioritization, technical issues and competing customer priorities.

Resolutions Specialist Mary Cooks, Aggregate Planning and Programs Division, Planning Process Directorate, discussed quality notification/discrepancy reports, stock transport orders, inventory records management, failed interface documents, block stock, block invoices and maintenance of accountable inventory records.

Cooks said, “We make sure material is in the right location at the right time, in the right condition, ensuring records match what the depot reports as on hand balances.”

After the event Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Jeremy Johnson, senior enlisted manager, 438th Supply Chain China Operations Squadron, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia commented “The opening remarks by Brig. Gen. Johnson really set the stage for my team of 28 supply chain managers.” He added the willingness of the DLA staff to provide information and point of contacts for our processes was ‘top notch’ and will help our members explain things about the processes the next time they brief on a Mission Capable (MICAP) part that is coming out of DLA.

“I enjoyed the supply and demand planner and customer accounts briefings and gained understanding that when we have an issue we can start with calling customer accounts specialists and get to any person or section we need,” he said. “Some of the younger Airmen said this really helped them connect the dots on what they do day-to-day and how it affects the entire supply chain.”

Facilitator and Logistics Career Broadener Tech. Sgt. Shanon Johnson, Planning Process Directorate said “Today we had a unique opportunity to open the doors to the Airmen of Langley and clear up misconceptions they may have had about our business rules.”

After the event she said the Airmen were very engaged and eager to speak to the briefers and voiced appreciation for DLA hosting them and the briefers who took the time out of their day to answer questions. “We hope to host another event in August or September,” she said.

Gorgeous hair – Vicky

Image by kenneoh
Vicky is one of our China procurement specialist in our China company. She has tied up her hair all these while in the office until this day when we had a gathering for one of our friend’s birthday, and she let down her hair. Oh my, she has a very beautiful and gorgeous hair actually which really compliments her better compared being tied up pony tail.


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