How to China Import to and from China

How to China Import to and from China


China is already acknowledged to be one of the most progressive countries in the world today. This nation is already manufacturing several items for individuals internationally. Most stuff that families can’t live without is surprisingly constructed by this nation. This way, it is clear that importing from China could assist a person start a business venture. Basically, people from the business community are now thinking of ways on how to import China merchandise. If by chance you are still making efforts to learn your way through this enterprise, you might find it valuable to familiarize yourself with the process of importing China commodities.  This data guarantees productive and lucrative earnings for your business.

Discovering the Products to China Import

The desire to get a hold of a specific good is the catalyst of the importation industry. Hence, it is important to establish first the product you would like to import before doing other things. Searching for commodities manufactured in China often is done through various kinds of schemes. You can look it up online or you could join some business enterprise trade shows. Lastly, once you’ve set your mind on the goods that you would like to purchase from China, you can now initiate communications with a chosen dealer or manufacturer and inquire for its rate information.

Selecting Chinese Manufacturers that Would Act as Your Business Venture Partners

Same with looking for objects to import, one can also search for suppliers online or through participating on some of the available trade shows in your area. On the internet, you can go to directory sites that contain lists of manufacturers in China. In addition, there are also China trading sites that create reviews of some of these manufacturers. A lot of these sites physically go to China to visit each maker to recognize the quality of the products or services they produce.  Another benefit you can get from using these sites is that they can check whether your prospect dealer actually exists or not.

If you already have a list of potential suppliers to deal with, send an inquiry to them including the detailed product specifications that you desire. Remember to list down the volume of the items you plan to purchase. Thereafter, every seller would reply differently to your inquiry. With this, reduce your list and keep only those suppliers that can meet your needs. Try to examine that list again by getting a trial order. Through this, you can properly decide which among the samples sent suit your standards the most. Be that as it may, you should know in advance that there might be corresponding charges for requesting sample products from the suppliers; such as the price of the items as well as the shipment cost. When discerning the final product to import and the right vendor to produce it, always decide based on the thing’s quality and rate. If you’re through with all of these steps, then you can now decide who your producer will be.

Complying with the China Import Regulations

Getting products from China solicits a handful of documents that needs to be complied with. In the middle of your whole importation process, you might recognize the need for contracting the competence of a customs broker and a freight forwarder to help you understand the detailed overall cost of importing and the necessary compliance of customs regulations. Since they are more familiar with how importing works, they can greatly help you in lowering your costs and risks. Majority of the entrepreneurs who engage in international trade hire their services.

Meanwhile, as an importer, it is also better to do your part in knowing these compliance issues. In importation, different local government organizations inspect imported items as it enters the country. You can check if their products passed the regulatory standards by logging in to their websites. One good way to know the compliance issues is to ask your trader if they have already exported the same product to your country before. If they have, ask them the detailed process on how these stuffs get into your country.

Do a Test Order with Agreeable Arrangements

After you have understood the customs regulations of your country and the ways to comply with it, request for a sample purchase from your selected suppliers. In your purchase, include the detailed description of the products or services that you are planning to import. Don’t forget to include every change you would like to be done on the goods. Before shipping the goods to your country, make sure that you already had a specific trade agreement with your Chinese distributor. Either you have agreed with a 30/70 payment arrangement or a 50/50, this concern is included in your trade terms with the distributor. Also, you should not forget to discuss the shipping arrangements while you’re at it.

Review the Quality of the Products or Services You Have China Imported Abroad

It is quite important to look into the quality of the products that you want to import beforehand. You can also find numerous methods to do so. It is recommended that you have your imported merchandise checked before it leaves its manufacturing area to ensure that it continues the highest quality it could possibly get. One way to do this is to find a third-party China inspection company to check the commodities on site or in the factory as your representative. With that, you can prevent defective or low quality of imported commodities from being shipped into your area.

Validating the Required Papers as Soon as Your China Imported Stuff Arrives

When the goods arrive in your country, there are still some official procedures that you should do. You will probably want to issue a power of attorney, giving authority to your customs broker to work in your stead. Moreover, shipping and customs guidelines will also be adopted accordingly. Oftentimes, everything will be processed by your freight forwarder and customs brokers, though, occasionally the importer would be called in throughout the clearing process.



How to China Import to and from China? Discover business opportunities through importing from China. Get access to major trade leads of importing industry in China.


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