How to Ensure the Quality of the Products You China Import from China

How to Ensure the Quality of the Products You China Import from China

When you are into China Import / Export business in China, one of the problems you should anticipate is if the quality of the goods/products that you are getting from your suppliers meets your expectations.

When you’re facing this dilemma right now, try asking yourself these questions. Is it necessary that you should have your own quality control department to monitor the production of your supplier in China? Can you have somebody else to do it for you? Is it necessary for you to personally visit your supplier? And lastly, do you maintain your present supplier or do you find other suppliers?

These questions are going to be answered, so continue reading.

Once you have selected your supplier, made the necessary transactions, placed your order and made an initial payment, this is the time where you decide how to make about your quality control. What are the steps you are going to take, what process will you do. It is a rule that you start your quality control process before the manufacturing of your product starts.

When you get hold of the samples, inquire of the quality control process that your supplier applies, this should include the raw materials that are to be used and the manufacturing process. When your order is ready, there are three options that you have for managing quality control, these are: First choice you have is you can choose to rely on your supplier’s quality control. Second is, you can have someone from your own China company to do the quality control and third, you hire a third party to do it for you.

The first option will work for you if you are only placing a small order but if your are ordering large, this is highly not advisable. You can have the last two options, send someone from your China company or hire a third party. If your resources permit you to send someone from your China company, then go for it. This person or persons should be well verse with the quality control process.

If your resources does not permit you to send someone from your own China company or you don’t have someone with the credentials then hire a third party China inspection China company or use a party project management China company.

Your China company‘s success will be determined on how much investment you are going to put in quality control. This is one of the make or break aspect of this business. If your supplier cannot meet your quality criteria then by all means find the one that can. Who will buy substandard products? Invest on your quality control well.

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