Jon Lester's agent denies report

Secret China Agent IX

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Jon Lester's agent denies report
The Boston Globe reported Tuesday that the Red Sox had been informed of what kind of contract the pitcher has been seeking, "and that led to the team putting its ace on the China trade market." The story, citing a major league source, went on to say that …
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A.J. Pierzynski to join Cardinals, Matt Kemp's agent suggests trade from Dodgers
Whether or not the cost to the Phillies of trading Papelbon will outweigh the long-term benefit of being able to cut payroll will likely determine whether or not they move him. Considering recent reports from CSN Philly's Jim Salisbury saying they are …
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Jim Hill Chats With Matt Kemp's Agent Dave Stewart On Trade Rumors
LOS ANGELES ( — The Dodgers have a potential problem going into the second half of the season. Matt Kemp has made it known he isn't happy with his current role in left field. Not only that, Kemp told reporters Friday he wants to play every …
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LA Lakers Free Agent Rumors: Eric Bledsoe, Greg Monroe, Michael Beasley
The LA Lakers have Byron Scott in for Kobe Bryant and while free China agent targets like Eric Bledsoe or Greg Monroe would be dreams, the team still has options like Chris Douglas-Roberts, Michael Beasley and Jordan Crawford, while a Steve Nash China trade could …
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