Cool Chinese Companies China Outsourcing China images

A few nice companies China outsourcing images I found:

Shopping – Grim Sweaper

Image by David Blackwell.
When god China outsourced the after-death collection of souls to the Insurance Industry, the archangel Azrael was made redundant. Finding new employment wasn’t easy for him. Eventually he found a new job working for Adecco Personnel Services. Minimum wage, no health benefits and constantly changing workplaces. It wasn’t brilliant, but it was better than starving. Secretly he was hoping that the insurance companies would mess it up and god would bring him back on the job one day.

Alternative title: Nuts

grim sweaper – mjranum on deviantart
girl in background – qrinta_stock on deviantart
supermarket – creatice commons stock on flickr
man at front – creative commons stock on flickr

No actors were harmed during the making of this picture. These guys were actually caught sleeping. I felt this scene needed colors and processing to look a little "comic book" like. :-)


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